Refresh Your Kitchen for the New Year with These 4 Remodeling Tips

A shared space to enjoy food, drinks, and laughs, kitchens are the heart of every home. So, with the new year kicking off, spark change and create a space for new memories with a reinvigorating kitchen remodeling project. Following a few simple principles—focusing on functionality, using the color palette to set a mood, and more—can help reinvigorate your home’s heart and soul.

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Let’s explore some remodeling tips to renew your kitchen’s design:

1.) Focus on Functionality

First, note that your kitchen’s functionality influences your eating habits and health. A functional kitchen encourages you to prepare delicious, healthy food and stick to those New Year’s resolutions. Consider a practical kitchen makeover with elements such as:

Adding functionality doesn’t have to be boring. Remember to make your kitchen your own, and choose elements that are as beautiful as they are functional.

2.) Set the Mood with a New Color Palette

Research shows that a space’s color influences the feelings of people within. So, consider what ambiance you want in your kitchen, then choose a new color palette. If you use your kitchen for entertaining guests, consider warm colors that stimulate energy, such as yellow or red. Alternatively, incorporate calming colors such as blues or greens to create a meditative oasis to craft your favorite recipes.

3.) Turn Small Kitchen Remodeling on Its Head

You should also consider that nobody likes feeling crowded in a kitchen. Unfortunately, many homes don’t have space to spare, yet by working with a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor, you can incorporate clever designs that open up your space.  For instance, lightening the walls’ paint color makes a room feel brighter and larger. Alternatively, mount high cabinets to add storage and leverage your vertical space.

4.) Make It Your Own

Kitchen Remodeling McLean VA

Your space must suit you, so inject personality into your kitchen with bold design elements. Consider your favorite design details and work with a professional contractor to create a kitchen as unique as you are. For example, statement countertops (such as quartz and tigerwood) or bright backsplashes can make your kitchen stand out. If you find yourself in a creative rut, peruse Monarch Design’s kitchen portfolio for an inspiration boost.

Kitchen Remodeling Professionals in McLean, VA!

This year, make your kitchen something to behold. McLean, VA, homeowners can rely on Monarch Design & Remodeling to bring their dream kitchen remodeling project to life. We believe in the exceptionality of every client, which is why we keep our clients involved throughout the design process. To learn more or receive a free quote, call (703) 789-3288 today!