Three Levels of Remodeling – From Minor Update to Major Renovation

As exciting as a home remodel can be, it can be hard to move forward, especially if you have a limited budget. Luckily, not all remodeling projects involve major alterations, and a project can be as minor as replacing countertops or cabinets.

Our unique approach to design helps you to locate your vision and budget into one of three different levels – Facelift, Pull and Replace, and Full-Scale Renovation. At each level of remodel, we work to meet your exact budget and vision.

Facelift Remodeling

Sometimes, small updates may be all you need to freshen up your space while keeping your budget low and taking a short amount of time to complete.

  • Kitchen: A kitchen facelift might consist of replacing a updating the hardware, countertop or cabinets, changing the lighting, or redoing the floors.
  • Bathroom: A bathroom facelift might include installing a new toilet or a new sink, replacing tiles or updating cabinet hardware.
  • Basement: A basement facelift might involve replacing a concrete floor with carpet or hardwood or installing new lighting. This level of remodeling is ideal if you currently have a furnished, complete basement, but only need a few minor changes to turn it into the space of your dreams.
  • Mudroom: If you have an existing mudroom, we can make minor cosmetic changes like installing hooks and racks, giving your mudroom a new paint job, or changing the floor to tile or hardwood.

Pull and Replace Remodeling

Pull and replace remodeling consists of a replacement of major components of the space. It does not require any kind of reconfiguring of the space, such as wall removal. And the original floor plan will be kept.

  • Kitchen: This level might consist of replacing and updating all kitchen furniture and appliances, redoing floors and lighting and updating backsplashes and other details.
  • Bathroom: This level can include replacing and updating all bathroom fixtures such as toilet, faucet, shower, tub, and cabinets.
  • Basement: During a pull and replace project, we can replace all furniture, furnishings, and any appliances in your basement. It might also include converting a semi-finished basement into a finished space.
  • Mudroom: We can take an old or unattractive, disorganized mudroom and update the cabinetry, flooring, lighting or other aspects to make it look brand new.

Full-Scale Remodeling

Full-Scale remodeling consists of developing a design plan that lays out a new configuration of space, as well as updating all furniture and appliances. Walls may be removed to create additional space. Clients who are looking into floor plan expansion may find this kind of remodeling suitable.

  • Kitchen: A kitchen full-scale remodel can relocate the appliances and systems like the sink and exhaust as tearing down walls to create an open configuration.
  • Bathroom: This type of remodeling is usually recommended to those who are looking into correcting a poorly configured space or expanding the bathroom space.
  • Basement: A full-scale basement remodel can involve adding rooms, knocking down walls, expanding the layout, or installing plumbing and electric. It is appropriate f you need a brand new look and layout, or you are completing your unfinished basement.
  • Mudroom: With full-scale remodeling, we create an entirely new design plan that lays out a new outline of your space for a mudroom, which can include moving any walls you need to create the space. We will also offer updated features such as closets, benches, racks, cubbies, floors, and even sinks and laundry machines.