Our Process

You imagine and we create!

Our many years of industry experience will help you maximize good choices and minimize bad ones! Our design services take the guesswork out of a project and change an intimidating process into a creative collaboration.

We respect your idea of a perfect space, and we will help you bring it to life! Our designers have the expertise and diligence to lead the project from start to finish, working with you to make your dreams a reality. We make sure your project comes together smoothly the first time.

Our Designers will

-Personally evaluate your home, listen to your goals, inspect the potential worksite and determine a high level scope of work based on your project needs. If you are concerned about safety, check out our virtual consulting services [link to virtual consulting page].

– Draft a design that reflects your project goals after taking precise measurements

– Work together with you to determine a budget and schedule

– Obtain the necessary permits to assure a safe and legal project

– Purchase necessary supplies for remodeling

– Lead the construction process and coordinate any work with various contractors

We would like you to

– Have a general idea of how you want the space to be remodeled. You can start by getting clear on what isn’t working for you in the current space.

– Decide on a style, whether it may be Classic -Traditional, Modern-Contemporary, Transitional- Eclectic or another look. You might also want to consider the architectural style of your home and its compatibility.

– A picture is worth a thousand words! Bring in any pictures from magazines or the internet that have inspired you.

– Decide on a budget range.

– Determine the time frame for when you want the project to be done.

– Bring in any questions you may have! We will try our best to answer them without using confusing jargon, which can really throw you off!

During this meeting, you get to share your ideas. We encourage you to share pictures. We discuss the layout of the space, taking into account the mechanical aspects like plumbing and electricity. We then develop your ideas into a plan. 

During the consultation, we answer your initial questions about the remodeling process. We also discuss your budget range and the possible completion date. The consultation can be requested by appointment.

Our designer will personally make a visit to your home to evaluate and analyze your current space. They will take measurements, photograph your space, and draft initial drawing. We do require a design retainer fee, which will be applied to your remodeling contract. This will help us move onto the actual construction process in a timely manner. 

After the initial drawing, we refine the details of the design. We select materials and products based on your goals and specify any charges. A contract, which is drafted in accordance with the refined design, must be signed before finalizing the floor plan and design specifications. The contract will consist of comprehensive pricing for materials and remodeling services. 

We then produce a completed design. If any changes are made during the remodeling process, these are considered changes to the scope of work and we will always inform you first, discuss cost implications, and ask your approval before moving on further. We are an official member of National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), and we are licensed and insured.

Products and materials generally take between 2-8 weeks to arrive depending on the items selected. When the construction begins, a project manager will direct and supervise the remodeling process to minimize schedule delays. We also personally coordinate work with all trades involved in the project to make sure the construction is going smoothly.

When the construction is finished, we will follow up to make sure all parts of the project are complete. We provide quality craftsmanship and workmanship in all projects. Our built-in furniture, such as cabinets, has a one to five year warranty depending upon product selection.


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