How to Design Kitchens That Are Functional and Beautiful

As the heart of every home, kitchens will host house residents daily and guests as often as they visit. Kitchens must also supply the tools and space to accommodate cooking and socializing. Meeting these demands requires an elegant and practical design supplemented by premium appliances, stain-resistant materials, ample storage space, and more. Custom kitchen design services can help homeowners balance these beauty and function concerns against one another and fulfill the purchases of each.

Monarch Design & Remodeling offers such services to Chantilly, VA, homeowners. Our team has worked extensively in luxury kitchen remodeling and delivered projects in diverse interior design styles. We adhere to a project process that ensures customer satisfaction by prioritizing their ideas and input. Call (703) 789-3288 or visit our website to learn more about our work and request a free project consultation!

Below, we discuss how we help our clients create functional and beautiful kitchen designs:

Invest in Premium Appliances

No matter how large their custom kitchen budget is, we urge clients to select and purchase high-quality appliance products. Indeed, the utility and value of your kitchen—particularly in today’s markets—hinges on functional and alluring appliances. High-quality appliances work better, last longer, and deliver higher ROI than their cheap counterparts.

Additionally, premium appliances come in numerous designs. Stainless steel fridges, ovens, stovetops, and ranges are perennial favorites, but those are far from the only options. Speak to your kitchen contractors about other options that would suit your plans.

Install Countertops that Can Withstand Stains and Impact

Custom kitchen design in Chantilly, VA

With premium appliances in place, turn your attention to countertops. Product options that look good and withstand wear and tear are available for your custom kitchen design. For instance, quartz countertops can repel stains, chips, and cracks without sealant. Granite, meanwhile, resists cracks and chips; with a proper sealant, it also stands up to stains.

Stain- and damage-resistant material allows you to cook without fear of blemishing your high-quality kitchen. It makes your space suitable for cooking without sacrificing its aesthetics.

Incorporate Ample Storage Space

Storage space may strike some people as so pragmatic that it conflicts with visual appeal. However, that need not be the case with careful design. Plus, ample storage is necessary for a practical kitchen. How else do you intend to keep your cooking implements and ingredients convenient for meal preparation?

Strategic storage space can resolve this dilemma between beauty and functionality. You might add open shelving, which makes cooking utensils and ingredients visible aspects of the room’s design. Alternatively, ceiling-height cabinetry allows you to maximize available space—most cabinets stop short of ceiling height. Finally, a well-placed pantry in a nearby closet can host all the accouterment your kitchen needs.

Create Convenient Spaces to Eat

For all the attention given to cooking and prepping space, a dining area is easy to overlook. Still, your custom kitchen design should include a convenient spot for eating. While some houses have a kitchen-cum-dining room set-up, others separate these spaces. If your home falls into the latter camp, consider adding a kitchen island or bar with space for eating. Its convenience and informality may provide a nice break from the designated dining room.

Make It Yours

To ensure you feel proud and responsible for your custom kitchen, add one or more features that announce it as yours. That may involve personalized cabinetry or a cocktail station. If you’re a wine collector, you might have bottle racks installed on a wall. Given the time and dedication a kitchen remodeling project involves, we encourage clients to incorporate their personalities into design elements and embrace their space.

Custom Kitchen Design Contractors Available in Chantilly, VA!

Custom kitchen design professionals can deliver the indoor space of your dreams. You need not settle for a merely functional kitchen—turn to Monarch Design & Remodeling for remodeling and renovations in Chantilly, VA. Our team’s extensive kitchen portfolio includes examples in numerous design styles so that you can find a look that you like. For more information on our renovation and remodeling options, call (703) 789-3288 today!