2023’s Small Kitchen Design Trends

2023 kitchen design trends have arrived! Organic elements, large islands designed for dining, warm colors, and more have taken hold of the market. While these ideas sound lavish and exciting, not everyone has the space to fit an island or extra storage. Yet they can adapt to their small kitchen through corner cabinets, multifunctional appliances, colorful backsplashes, and other features. With the small kitchen design team at Monarch Design & Remodeling, homeowners can relish their space and create new memories.

Monarch’s small kitchen design team has assisted Fairfax, VA, homeowners in transforming their lives with gorgeous and functional spaces. We believe in giving our clients diverse options and ideas to make the best selections for their needs and promise to keep them involved throughout the process. Our signature design process assures a successful project every time. To learn more about our kitchen remodeling services, call (703) 789-3288.

Below, we highlight small kitchen design trends to liven up your space in 2023:

White Cabinets

A timeless feature of the small kitchen design, white cabinets help a kitchen appear bigger than its physical dimensions. Furthermore, white cabinets can work alongside almost any decor. Moreover, white cabinetry lets you get creative with fun, colorful accents, patterned backsplashes, and inimitable appliances. Indeed, you have endless possibilities for what to add to your small kitchen.

Multifunctional Appliances

An abundance of appliances piles up fast in a small kitchen, which makes it look and feel more cramped. Luckily, these devices are becoming multifunctional, so you need fewer to prepare meals and clean dishes.

For instance, ovens now come with built-in microwaves, refrigerators with freezers, and even countertop espresso machines with capabilities for other caffeinated beverages. Today’s kitchen appliances are more convenient and sleek than ever, so you need not sacrifice style for more countertop space.

Corner Cabinets

Regarding functionality and saving space, corner cabinets are the perfect way to incorporate stylish storage solutions into your small kitchen. Indeed, their ergonomic design facilitates increased space and organization than traditional cabinetry. 

Lazy susans and blind corner cabinets increase storage space, provide easy access to popular items, and serve as a fun storage addition. If your kitchen embraces a modern aesthetic, right-angled corner cabinets contribute a sleek touch. Corner cabinets allow you to utilize every inch of space in your small kitchen.

The design team at Monarch Design & Remodeling can give you small kitchen peninsula ideas, space-above-stove ideas, and more for your small kitchen design project.

Open Shelves

small kitchen design in Fairfax, VA

Open shelves remain a perfect match for small kitchens. As with corner cabinets, they allow you to maximize your space without worrying about how high or low you need to place items—their design makes everything accessible!

Forget standing on a step stool or sacrificing one of your kitchen chairs as a makeshift step stool. Open shelves provide everything at eye level or within easy reach. Moreover, they’re a bold design element that helps small kitchens look modern, luxurious, and unique so you can show off your trinkets, fancy spices, and more.

Incorporate Singular Lighting

If you’re short on low-ceiling kitchen ideas to spruce up your space, turn your focus to lighting design. Remember that fixtures need not go on the ceiling! Lights under cabinets or sconces over the sink help your small kitchen feel less cramped and more comfortable. 

Since homeowners spend so much time in the kitchen, incorporating ample lighting allows you to enjoy the activities and gatherings that will occur there! A small kitchen facelift can transform it from cramped and uncomfortable to glamorous and functional.

Small Kitchen Design Experts in Fairfax, VA!

A small kitchen need not be a stressful aspect of life. With straightforward design projects and a small kitchen design team, you will say hello to the kitchen of your dreams in no time! Monarch Design & Remodeling specializes in kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling as well as interior decorating and mudroom design in Fairfax, VA. To discuss small kitchen design costs and our process, call (703) 789-3288.