How To Begin Planning for a Home Remodel

Whether one is remodeling a room or an entire house, homeowners tend to focus on style decisions like paint colors and design schemes. However, significant behind-the-scenes planning and preparation must occur before style decisions come into play. That prep includes creating an operational hub, adjusting your lifestyle, and hiring professional home remodeling contractors in Chantilly, VA.

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3 Preparation Steps To Take Before Beginning A Remodeling Project

  1. Create a “Mission Control”
    During your renovation project, access to the space under construction will be limited. Whether we remodel your kitchen or your entire home, our work makes a space too dangerous for everyday use. So, while a single-room remodel requires that you avoid the room, a whole-home remodel may entail that you briefly stay elsewhere until the project is completed.Before work shifts your life and/or schedule, you should set up a “mission control.” This will be a collection of crucial project materials, including your budget and project calendar.
  2. Do Your Research
    Next, you should carefully research and choose your remodeling contractor. Consider your project end goal and then look up the services around you. Better yet, reach out to friends/family who have had their homes renovated and ask which service(s) they used.To find the best home remodeling contractors for your project, you must speak with the services that interest you. Ask for their credentials and references who can speak to their qualifications, and describe your goals for your renovating project. You should investigate how their process and abilities align with your stated goals.Finally, read through previous customers’ reviews of your candidate contractors—such as our client testimonials. When you have a clear candidate in mind, book the service ASAP. In-demand contractors often have busy schedules, and you must get your name in to get your project moving.
  3. Adjust Your Lifestyle & Establish Your Design
    With a contractor selected and your project coming up, start planning around its demands. As we mentioned above, you should make preparations for living around a workspace or outside your home. This may require packing some belongings, cleaning out spaces, and adjusting your daily routine.For those with families, consider how you’ll need to prepare your kids and pets. They may be unfamiliar with such projects and spaces—the construction noise might upset them. Those that remain in a house during a project should create a “reno-free” zone for play. Separate the dangerous areas from playful ones.With a contractor in place, you can start making concrete plans for paint colors and interior design schemes. However, discuss options with your service team to keep your vision and budget consistent. Furthermore, research and obtain the necessary permits for your construction project.

Home Remodeling Contractor Services Available Now in Chantilly, VA!

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