5 Popular Interior Style Designs

People outside of the interior design industry may find its trends fickle and contradictory. But professional home remodeling contractors and designers can track and predict which features will rise and fall in popularity. With 2021 well underway, they have identified industrial styling, rustic ceramics, and “granny chic” as among the year’s latest fashions.

If you value expert insights and want your home to reflect a contemporary aesthetic, reach out to Monarch Design & Remodeling. Our chief designer, Gina Simpson, has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. She takes pride in balancing clients’ wants and needs with aesthetically-pleasing but functional interiors. Along with our home remodeling contractor team, she has built houses throughout Vienna, VA.

Here, we discuss the style designs that appear poised to take off this year:

2021’s Trending Interior Style Designs

  1. Grandmillenial/granny chic
    While all-white interiors and matching furniture sets are becoming dated, the so-called grandmillenial or granny chic style is growing popular. This rising fad can shock an untrained eye – its combination of floral wallpaper, china, and crocheted throws initially appear erratic.

    However, these materials all appeared in previous eras. Thus, the design aims to evoke nostalgia and comfort – the granny chic taste just calls for their playful arrangement. This new approach reflects evolving tastes, mixing the past with the present.

  2. Peel-and-stick wallpaper
    Wallpaper has remained a familiar feature through the decades, even as its popularity wavered. But due to the current number of US adults who live in rented spaces, peel-and-stick wallpaper is enjoying a moment. As its name implies, this wallpaper offers a low-commitment way to transform the walls of any room.

    If you tire of it or decide against a style on your wall, you can simply pull the paper off. This beats removing traditional wallpaper from drywall – an hours-long, labor-intensive process.

  3. Rustic ceramics
    While smooth, even tiling reigned as the go-to backsplash material for years, 2021 may see handcrafted ceramics displace it. Vibrant ceramic adds a colorful splash to your cooking space, departing widely from the plain tiling of the past. Like other features, this new material can help your kitchen design stand out.

    As a handcrafted good, ceramic tiling can get expensive. If that affects your design, you might use the ceramic as an accent rather than a full wall covering. Even a dash of Moroccan zellige tile would bring a spark of distinction to your interior.

  4. Green kitchen cabinets
    Suggesting a specific color in one room may seem too prescriptive a suggestion. Nevertheless, with gray kitchen interiors declining in popularity, green coloring may rise and replace them.

    Both dark and light green tones can work in kitchens with cool color palettes. Plus, they emphasize gray veining in marble counters if you have them. We suggest that you consider a Monarch Facelift remodeling to incorporate this new color.

  5. Industrial styling
    With people spending more time at home these days, they want a style that suits working and relaxing scenarios. Enter industrial interior design, which incorporates traditional and modern elements to support versatile spaces. Integrating exposed stonework, wood, and metal elements, industrial design offers comfort in mechanical details.

    As an overarching aesthetic, industrial styling takes a fair bit of work to incorporate. You could overhaul your space with a Monarch Pull and Replace or Full-Scale Remodeling or change it subtly, piece by piece.

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