How to Find the Best Home Remodeling Contractors

Whether you have renovation skills or not, hiring a general contractor can get your home improvement project started. But if you’re a renovation novice, how do you determine who to hire? How can you figure out the best home remodeling contractor when you have no background in the work yourself?

No matter how ambitious or involved your project is, reach out to Monarch Design & Remodeling about it. Our signature design process ensures that your vision comes to life as we create a beautiful and functional space. Lead designer Gina Simpson brings more than 20 years of experience to bear on projects in Vienna, VA, and the surrounding area. Contact us today!

Here, we outline a process to locate a suitable remodeling contractor and discuss how Monarch Design & Remodeling measures up in it:

Ask Around for Recommendations

You should start with a traditional method: ask your friends and family for suggestions. Have any of them recently remodeled their home? Do they know folks in that field? They could give you a direct path to contacting service providers.

You should also dig around the Internet for local contractors. As with the time-honored yellow pages, you will probably find listings of businesses in your area. Once you’ve located a handful, look at their online reviews and social media pages for further insights.

We can happily report that Monarch Design & Remodeling clients have all good things to say about our work. Their positive reviews laud our customer service, innovative ideas, and responsive team members.

Check Candidates’ Credentials and References

Once you’ve identified some possible contractors, review their licensing. Different projects call for different credentials, and some companies may lack what you require. Look at each one’s website or contact them to determine if they have the proper certifications for your proposal.

Next, check whether each company has insurance and workers’ comp, which protect you from liability. If you reach out to them, also ask for a list of references. These are the former clients of the company who can speak to its merits and drawbacks.

Contractors without credentials, insurance, or references should be avoided. All reputable companies have nothing to hide, and they will happily provide these materials to earn your business. This process helps you to narrow down your candidate list to the best options.

Compare Candidates’ Portfolios

After reducing your contractor list down to those with the proper qualifications, start looking at each company’s previous work. You should note every organization’s declared specialties since those represent the projects that they feel most confident working on.

As with their credentials, contractors should make their portfolios readily available. Most have them available on their website, organized by style or room type. Check to see when the projects were completed and get a sense of what you like from each one.

Furthermore, we recommend that you reach out to companies whose work you particularly like and ask about their design process. As mentioned above, Monarch Design & Remodeling outlines our process online so that potential clients can examine it. We also provide an extensive portfolio.

Home Remodeling Contractors Vienna, VA

Even if you don’t consider yourself a DIY type of person, you can still find reliable contractors in your area. But if you live in Vienna, VA, or the surrounding region, you should reach out to Monarch Design & Remodeling. We are Northern Virginia’s premier home remodeling contractors, led by designer Gina Simpson. Tell us about your design vision, and let’s make it a reality together. Call us today at (703) 789-3288 or fill out our online form for a free quote!