11 Remodeling Ideas to Improve Your Small Bathroom

Your home may have a small powder room used frequently, a mid-sized guest bathroom used infrequently, or a large master bathroom used daily. But, no matter their square footage or purpose, all bathrooms feel revived after a renovation. Thus, by remodeling your bathroom, you can reinvigorate your home’s energy.

If you’re looking for some renovation ideas, turn to the project experts at Monarch Design & Remodeling. Our interior designer, Gina Simpson, possesses over 20 years of design experience for projects in Oakton and throughout Northern Virginia. From kitchen and basement remodeling to interior and small bathroom design, our company offers a critical eye and in-demand expertise. We proudly exhibit our bathroom project portfolio and customer testimonial collection to illustrate Monarch’s excellent service.

Below, we list and describe several ideas for your small bathroom remodeling project:

Sink & Faucet

Due to the great number of bathroom renovation projects in our portfolio, we have discussed bathroom design trends before. But here, we want to focus on small bathroom renovations. While space may feel limited, these ideas are chances to flex your creative muscles:

  1. Install a corner sink to save space and avoid making a “cramped” area.

  2. Or install a trough sink if you dislike the corner design. Then, leave open space beneath the trough for storage.

  3. Put in a wall-mounted faucet to reduce the size of the bathroom’s vanity and free up valuable space.

  4. Design or choose a bathroom vanity for the limited space, one with rounded corners to avoid perilous edges.


Along with sinks, bathroom furnishings can adapt to limited-space settings. We have discussed bathroom remodeling tips in this vein previously, but let’s examine those ideas with the “small” bathroom logic:

  1. Install a tub/shower that works in the limited space, specifically one with a shower curtain or a sliding glass door rather than a door that pivots out.

  2. Mount the towel bar on a door. Either the sliding shower door or the back of the bathroom door would suit this purpose.

  3. Consider adding a window to incorporate natural light, which may allow you to remove a lighting fixture.

  4. Put in radiant floor heating to make the space more comfortable. Doing so can save you money on heating costs in the long run, though installation is costly.

Larger Patterns

The details of small bathroom design yield significant space and efficiency. But larger design elements, including paint color and fixtures, will influence the room as well. Let’s take a closer look at these renovations:

  1. Use a wall color to make your bathroom appear larger. Although this trick requires appropriate furnishings, such colors include certain shades of blue and red.

  2. Install a wall mirror. While this does not enlarge a room, it can help make a small space feel larger.

  3. Incorporate stripes, shapes, or wall tiles into your design. If done correctly, they can also create a space-enhancement effect.

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