Wall Color Ideas For Small Bathroom Spaces

Did you know that certain paint colors for your room can make it appear larger than it actually is? This trick can help make smaller or medium-sized rooms appear more open and modern, along with the right furnishings and decoration. If you’re seeking to redecorate a small bathroom, consider hiring a high-quality designer to help you use smart interior decorating to maximize your space and its appeal.

We at Monarch Design & Remodeling have years of experience in performing numerous services, including basement remodeling, kitchen renovations, and expert custom bathroom design, all for our clients throughout Northern VA.  We are dedicated to collaborating with you in your home’s design that fits your lifestyle and preferences. For a start, here are some colors we recommend using in order to get the most out of your bathroom’s design:

1.   Oceanic Blues

A vivid teal or aqua, you can create an oceanic theme, along with a few pieces of antiques, as well as other decor made of wood. If your bathroom’s main fixtures, such as the tub/shower, sink, and toilet are all white porcelain, this color will blend perfectly and give the room some added character.

2.   Jet Black

Although black will make a room appear darker, it is a breathtaking, bold color that your guests will be impressed by. Add silver or gold accents and fixtures to make the room feel more sophisticated. A white tile floor will also provide a strong contrast in color to the walls, creating a timeless style for your bathroom.

3.   Copper

Yet another color scheme that produces a vibrant but classy style, choosing a copper paint for your bathroom opens up a number of interesting design choices. You can match the walls with your fixtures, including a copper sink or tub, along with wooden or dark-colored vanities and cabinets. The essential colors that blend well with a copper wall paint are black, white, and dark brown.

4.   Plum

Plum is an understated shade of purple that can add an almost regal quality to any room. It is a great color to use with rustic-style mirrors and cabinets, along with a mixture of silver and porcelain white fixtures. With this color scheme, guests will be in awe of your bathroom’s sophisticated design.

5.   Cherry Red

Cherry red paint will make your bathroom walls pop, adding a vibrant, playful hue to any room’s overall aesthetic. To enhance this color’s presence in your bathroom, use the strong contrast it has with white. This can be done through contrasting white fixtures to the bright red walls and ceiling, or by installing red ceramic tiles on the wall, outlined especially well with the white grout in between. Then feature some wood or black accents within other aspects of the decor.

Monarch Design & Remodeling: Custom Bathroom Design in Northern VA

There are as many ways to make even the smallest bathroom stand out as there are colors available for you to decorate them in. However, to get just the right quality, as well as the right materials and labor, you’re going to need a professional remodeling service that can perform experienced custom bathroom design. For residents in Northern Virginia, Monarch Design has helped create interior designs and whole room renovations based on client-preferences and needs first. With over 20 years of working as professional home remodeling contractors in the Northern VA area, we provide professionalism and experience to help match your vision. Contact us at 703-789-3288 for a free quote on your next remodeling project today!