4 Incredible Bathroom Trends For 2020

Right as you make the decision to remodel an area of your home, several considerations follow it. Which space or room should you change first, what can you fit into your budget, and much more. Your bathroom is an excellent place to start, as it offers the chance to add many appealing features, functions, and value to a central part of your home. However, completing a bathroom remodel alone can take a great amount of time, effort, and money, especially with little experience in performing such projects.

However, hiring a professional bathroom remodeling company like Monarch Design & Remodeling of Vienna, VA, allows you to focus solely on your preferences and budget, so you are able to enjoy the process of seeing your home transform into a new, vibrant space. Our head designer, Gina Simpson, and our team of skilled craftsmen have spent over twenty years helping homeowners complete bathroom, kitchen, basement, and many other kinds of remodeling projects. Below are recent trends in bathroom design and remodeling for homeowners in 2020:

Accent by Material

An accent wall is a simple, but significant design element for any interior space. It involves giving one wall in a room a distinct feature that contrasts the other walls within the space. Usually this is done by painting one wall a different color, then placing or hanging an impressive piece of decor near it. However, a more unique way to utilize an accent wall in your bathroom is to install a different material to give it some texture and aesthetic.

For example, having a wall made of natural stone or mosaic tile will certainly create a stylish contrast. For an even better and more functional design, consider installing a large mirror or set of mirrors, offering you a full-length reflection to check your outfit before heading out, as well as a more modern style to your bathroom.

Stand-Out Fixtures

Another growing trend in bathroom designs are freestanding bathroom fixtures, particularly sinks and bathtubs. Depending on the style you choose, freestanding fixtures can convey a modern or classical interior design, such as if you were to choose a freestanding bathtub made of stone resin or copper. However, no matter which one you choose, this feature shows signs of becoming a longstanding trend in contemporary home design for years to come, and thus should add as much value to your home as its aesthetic appeal.

Green Pieces for Peaceful Spaces

Going green has become popular not only in what products we use in our daily lives, but also in the way we design our homes. The specific name for this is “biophilic design”, which is a concept that focuses on increasing the connection between a home or building’s occupants with the natural environment. This is done either directly, surrounding you with plants, water, and outdoor lighting, or indirectly, through images, colors, or structures that evoke the natural elements.

Some examples of using biophilic design elements in your bathroom include:

  • Placing potted plants or shrubs throughout your bathroom
  • Install floor tiles made of natural stone, such as granite, marble, slate, or limestone.
  • Adding ornaments and decor that take natural shapes such as flowers or precious stones.
  • Painting walls in natural colors, like in blues, grays, greens, and whites.

Hidden Features

Finally, following from the popularity of minimalistic home designs, another unique bathroom trend to follow is the inclusion of more hidden features. For example, some bathrooms may include a toilet that is unobstructed from view. For more privacy, placing one or two walls around it, along with a sliding door, will separate your toilet from the rest of your bathroom, thus hiding away one less feature, and dividing the space up according to function. Another way to add or hide features in your bathroom is by installing a wall of cabinets that acts as both an aesthetically pleasing accent wall, but also a secret storage space, similar to having a mirrored cabinet over your sink.

Monarch Design & Remodeling: Bathroom Remodeling in Vienna, VA

These are just some of the amazing contemporary designs you can use to renovate your bathroom within the new year. Moreover, you can apply these same ideas in other areas of your home, and even more with the help of a team of professionals in design and construction, such as Monarch Design and Remodeling. From modern kitchen renovations and basement completions, to elegant bathroom remodeling, we have provided numerous services for our clients in Vienna, VA, and throughout Northern Virginia. For over twenty years, we have dedicated ourselves to helping clients keep their homes up-to-date in style and efficiency, while always maintaining an friendly atmosphere that welcomes collaboration. Contact us for a free consultation and to start planning your next home renovation today!