Creative Kitchen Storage Solutions to Maximize Space

Conventional wisdom may suggest that the secret to a successful small kitchen remodeling project rests on its materials, layout, or convenience. But what about its storage capacity? After all, kitchens quickly become cluttered, crowded, and impractical without plenty of room to put away kitchenware and appliances. Therefore, hiring a home kitchen remodeling company to incorporate innovative storage ideas—including customized cabinetry, double islands, and ample drawer space—can maximize your space’s potential.

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Below, we outline several kitchen storage suggestions for homeowners to consider:

Customized Cabinetry

Kitchen storage capacity is tied inextricably to the design and implementation of cabinetry. While factory-made cabinets are available in many sizes, materials, and styles, custom-made kitchen cabinets ensure you make the most of the available space. This solution works especially well in oddly shaped rooms with particular dimensions—factory-made cabinetry offers limited functionality in such homes.

Such customization also allows homeowners to purchase ceiling-high cabinets, eliminating the “dead space” that traditional cabinetry installation leaves. To push this concept even further, consider a floor-to-ceiling, half-depth cabinet. Half-depth cabinets use minimal floor space, yet the full height maximizes their storage potential.

Kitchen Island Modifications

Kitchen islands offer endless functionality as a space to prepare food, socialize around, eat, and more. Yet what about their storage possibilities? Consider incorporating appliances (a dishwasher, wine cooler, or otherwise) into the island as a space-saving measure. Alternatively, try a double island to fill a large yet awkward room set-up. A kitchen island is also a natural spot over which to hang utensils and kitchenware.

Pantry Storage

Among the most popular kitchen storage options, pantries are a simple concept with great flexibility. Shelves are a straightforward design choice for within, and you can incorporate a ladder or steps to ensure every level remains within reach. Shelves can even be fitted to the back of the pantry door.

If your remodel incorporates a new pantry, consider how that affects both space and budget constraints. For example, it may help you meet your storage needs so that you can go without cabinets and apply the resources for them elsewhere.

Maximize Your Use of Drawers

Next to cabinets, drawers are the most common tool for kitchen storage. They even offer benefits over cabinetry in some ways, such as accessibility and convenience. Additionally, drawers take advantage of space that might otherwise go to waste—how else can you use the space beneath waist-height countertops?

Drawers also have the same degree of design flexibility as cabinets—each might have a separate front, or several might hide behind one large front. Depth and material availability also provide room for customization. Use some space beneath the kitchen sink (traditionally left open to allow access to the pipes) for drawers.

Storage and Seating Combinations

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While classic chairs offer no opportunity for storage, built-in kitchen benches could afford such room. Adding a built-in bench to your kitchen will require careful design and space management, but a window seat between cupboards and countertops could work. In adding such a feature, you can incorporate further drawers and space for storage.

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Even with limited interior space, you can incorporate features and design elements to maximize your kitchen’s storage and value. Falls Church, VA, residents need only contact Monarch Design & Remodeling, a full-service kitchen remodeling company, to ensure they leverage all the available space. Call (703) 789-3288 or speak to our kitchen contracting team to learn more!