Tips for Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Living room holiday decor design with chimney and Christmas Tree.

Wood logs crackling in a bright fireplace. The scent of pine needles from the huge Christmas tree in your living room. The sweet smell of freshly baked cookies from your kitchen. These details are a few of the features that characterize the holiday season. With plenty of effort, you can replicate them; with a little more thought, you can improve on them. So, hire an experienced home remodeling contractor team to refinish your home’s interiors before the holiday festivities begin.

At Monarch Design & Remodeling, we know how to help clients create an impressive interior design. Our head designer, Gina Simpson, has helped numerous homeowners refresh or capture their vision of an ideal home. Her work, alongside our qualified contractors, has made Monarch among the top home remodeling firms in the Tysons, VA, area. If you want to reimagine your home this holiday, turn to Monarch’s interior decorating services.

Below, we offer some tips on decorating your home this holiday season:

Incorporate Natural Elements & Greenery

First, you should incorporate natural decorative elements inside your home. These materials could include wooden ornaments, yule logs, pine cones, and wreaths, or garlands, made from evergreen, fruit, and other festive foliage.

Use these natural materials to decorate the main living areas around your home. You should declutter your interiors of other decorative elements first, as they could get in the way or distract from the holiday decorations.

Effectively arranging these elements without congesting the inside of your home will help emphasize a festive atmosphere. Moreover, the presence of these decorations supports our next decorative feature.

Add Scintillating Scents Throughout Your Home

Along with natural elements and greenery, you should create a holiday atmosphere through the power of scent. Indeed, many people associate several smells with the holidays:

  • The scent of a pine tree
  • The sweet spice of cinnamon
  • The burning of crackling wood on a roaring fire
  • The delicious smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies

One way you can naturally produce these scents is by adding holiday greenery and natural holiday decorations to your home. You can also use specially-made candles and air fresheners to help create and maintain these smells.

To create a home filled with the aroma of the holidays, we consider using natural elements and decorations, as they are less harsh to the sinuses and easier scents to get rid of once the holiday is over.

And to ensure that those natural elements blend with the rest of your home, consider hiring a professional in refined interior decorating. With them, you’ll easily produce a beautiful interior design that will surely draw good impressions during the holidays.

Switch Major Lighting to String Lights & Candles

Candle in snow with sweater and lights behind it

Part of the holidays’ atmosphere, along with the decorations and the scents of fresh greenery and sweet baked goods, is the sense of warmth and comfort throughout the home. Visually, you can achieve this with a unique lighting design across your living spaces.

The main motif you want to go for is the feeling of a home filled with natural light during the day and an understated amount of artificial light at nighttime. In the latter case, all you have to do is keep your main lights shut off or dimmed in non-essential spaces, like:

  • The main floor hallways
  • The living room
  • The dining room

A major exception is your kitchen, as you’ll need proper lighting conditions for preparing appetizers, snacks, and the main dinner course for family and guests.

Then, have your major lighting sources at night be numerous candles and warm string Christmas lights lined around the ceiling, doors, and entryways throughout the main entertaining spaces. This lighting arrangement exudes warmth, comfort, and cheer.

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