Signs Your Bathroom Needs to be Updated

Over the years, your bathroom space undergoes natural wear and tear. It’s used almost every day, so keeping it maintained is of the utmost importance. However, even with efficient upkeep, your bathroom design may need an update due to leaky or insufficient fixtures, lack of storage space, and outdated lighting and aesthetics.

Since you use your bathroom routinely, why not transform it to achieve ultimate home comfort? At Monarch Design & Remodeling, we are dedicated to helping you create a bathroom that brings you comfort while being aesthetically pleasing.

4 Signs Your Bathroom Needs A Remodel:

1. Leaking Fixtures

Worn faucets are crying out to be replaced. Fixtures often leak when they become outdated or damaged, thereby hindering your bathroom routine. Neglecting leaky, worn faucets could lead to higher water bills and potential bathroom damage.

2. Old Lighting

If you have had the same light fixtures for decades or they mismatch your current bathroom design, it’s time to update them. And while you can determine the best type of bathroom lighting on your own, you might struggle without the assistance of a renovation professional. Allow our team of designers to ensure your lighting matches your needs.

3. Insufficient Storage Space

Homeowners with small bathrooms often struggle with their lack of storage space. If you renovate, consider adding shelving, cabinets, or a linen closet. These make storing towels, personal items, makeup, and more much more convenient.

4. Outdated Design

Anything that has been in your bathroom for over a decade may need to be replaced as fixtures and designs tend to fall out of style. An outdated bathroom design can disrupt your comfort. Nevertheless, remodeling a bathroom allows for a personal customization experience.

Monarch Design & Remodeling: Bathroom Design in Oakton, VA

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