Wine Cellar vs. Wet Bar: Which is Better for Your Home?

As the holiday season begins, you may be in search of ways to decorate or remodel your home to improve your home comfort and ride out the pandemic. One way to elevate your home for holiday festivities is by installing a wine cellar or wet bar.

They are both quick and easy additions to make, especially with the help of expert craftsmen from Monarch Design & Remodeling. For over twenty years, we have assisted clients with all sorts of home remodeling projects, such as elegant wine cellar design and construction, as well as interior decorating, basement renovation, and more. Throughout Northern VA, we have successfully completed numerous projects for clients seeking all kinds of alterations for their homes. 

Below, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of installing a wet bar or a wine cellar,as well as which option may better fit your home:

Building a Wine Cellar

Wine cellars are primarily installed by homeowners who prefer drinking and tasting wine above other alcoholic beverages. They can store a large number of wine bottles and properly preserve them through temperature and humidity control. Although they function as a storage space, their design can also  benefit you and your home in other ways.

Skilled craftsmen can transform a space in your basement into a stylish cellar with plenty of storage space for your wine racks and  a lounge area for you to entertain guests. Though we have discussed the benefits of building a wine cellar in your home before, here is a list of additional advantages to consider:

  • Allows you to easily organize your collection
  • Ensures preservation of taste and quality
  • Saves you money by buying in bulk
  • Preserves wine collection for potential sale
  • Raises resale value of your home

While there are many benefits, there are a few downsides. Building a proper wine cellar that is both attractive and functional can get expensive, due to the cost of most dependable fridges and temperature control systems. And, while it is a great place to entertain and enjoy your wine, most homeowners may not have enough space to dedicate for an entire cellar.

Building a Wet Bar

Unlike a wine cellar, a wet bar is more versatile and open-ended, often taking up no more than a few feet of space within a basement area. They can be custom-made with cabinets and shelves against a single wall or into full-size lounge areas.

All wet bars usually have common appliances and fixtures, such as ice makers, dishwashers, wine coolers, and a tap system to serve ice-cold beer. Additionally, if you want to up the entertainment factor, homeowners usually include a TV somewhere within the space.

Here are some benefits to building a wet bar:

  • Saves space for the rest of your kitchen
  • Stores something for everyone: beer, wine, spirits, and more
  • More open and inviting for entertaining guests
  • Blends easily into the rest of the decor

The “Better One” for Your Home

Whether a wine cellar or a wet bar is better for your home is really a trick question. In many ways, it all depends on you – the amount of space you have, the intended purposes of your addition, and most of all, your preferences.

When it comes down to it, there’s no better reason to have a wine cellar in your home other than the fact that you enjoy the pleasure of drinking and collecting various types of wine. In the end, the best one is the one that fits both your needs and personal preferences.

Monarch Design & Remodeling: Stunning Wine Cellar Design in Northern VA

Whether it’s a wine cellar or a wet bar, the best constructions for both are made with the help of experienced designers and contractors. Monarch Design & Remodeling has helped hundreds of clients create their dream wine cellar design as well as with many other remodeling projects. We put the customer at the center, learning their design preferences and budget, as well as giving them control of every step of the process. Contact us at (703) 789-3288 for more information about our services and get a free consultation today.