Top Kitchen Renovation Design Trends

The kitchen is the most used and respected room in an entire house. From holiday gatherings or a simple craving for a snack, the kitchen houses it all. So why not show it a little love and match it to your personality? If you are looking for a new kitchen design project to start, Monarch Design & Remodeling in Northern Virginia can help make your kitchen upgrade a reality. 

With 20 years of experience under our belts, we have the ability to collaborate with our clients in bringing their kitchen renovation dream to fruition. Our experts are at the ready to provide kitchen design solutions that will align to your lifestyle needs. Below are a few trendy designs that can spark your creative spirit:

Be Sustainably Sufficient 

By choosing our full-scale design and remodeling level, Monarch Design & Remodeling can incorporate your green ideas into your kitchen space. With this idea, we would opt for energy efficient appliances and recyclable flooring that are not only cost efficient, but also adds an exclusiveness to your space. 

From Bland To Bold

Just because it’s a kitchen, doesn’t mean it can’t add some pizazz to it. While monochromatic has been the talk of the century, it’s time to bring back the color. Just like in your wardrobe, try adding a “pop color” to spice up your kitchen space and break the mold of the monochromatic. Hues like reds, blues, greens, or even a bright yellow could express your personality while also keeping it simple and classy. 

Simple is Satisfactory

That age old saying, “less is more” holds true to everything even in your kitchen space. With the minimalist trend growing, why not try it in your kitchen? The most popular style of minimalism in kitchen remodeling is the no-handle look. With the sleek design, the no-handle look allows the natural wood to take the spotlight. 

Glass Equals Class

While glass does not portray how much money you have, it can add that sophisticated touch to an otherwise simple design. Showcase a family heirloom, place a cute picture that a family member made on the side and more, adding a glass screen shows it all. It can even open up an otherwise small kitchen space, making a small area look bigger. 

Vintage Varieties

Not only seen in clothing, it seems as if the vintage style is back in season. Utilizing our design process, we are able to handle every part of the design process within a realistic budget. Taking your modern day kitchen back into the 1990’s with a modern twist. 

Doing it Digital

Going back into the modern day and possibly going further into the future, you may consider using digital technology to enhance your kitchen space. Technology such as espresso makers can make your coffee on a scheduled time. Even implementing smart home technology, like smart lights, can make your space more efficient and can save you more money in the long run. 

Create Your Dream Kitchen Design with Monarch Design & Remodeling in Northern, VA Today!

Have you ever wanted to display your personality in a large-scale space? Well, now you have the capability to do so in the most used room in the house: your kitchen. Our expert team at Monarch Design & Remodeling have the experience you can trust to manage your entire kitchen design renovation so that it aligns to your exact needs. Call our kitchen design & remodeling experts at (703) 789-3288 to receive a free quote.