Color Palette Trends of 2020

Color Palette Trends of 2020

With 2020 on its way, designers are preparing for the future of color. The upcoming trends will be sure to resonate with many artists and tastemakers. Behr, one of the leading paint companies, has just recently announced the trending color palettes for the new year. These are the next fifteen shades that will transform residential interiors sooner than we know: 

Gina Simpson and her highly experienced home remodeling contractors at Monarch Design & Remodeling can help you get a professionally-crafted home design. Monarch Design & Remodeling has provided its services including interior decorating, mudroom design, as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling, to residents throughout Northern Virginia. To help you decide which paint palettes to use in your home remodel, here are the next fifteen shades that will transform your home interior: 


The color that Behr describes as “Worldhood” is a mixture of warm yellow shades to create a creamy, almost matte and muted toned yellow. Not quite mustard, it has bright earth tones to it. 


“Rumba Orange” is a subdued orange. It is muted in color and has peach accents. If you live in the tropics, this would be a wonderful color to add to any space. 


This tan has more yellow tones in it. It is called “Charismatic”, and its warmth will certainly invite charming people and events into your home. This color would be good in a living room. “Cider Spice” might fall into the brown category but it holds a lot of rich tan and pink hues. It might remind you of a spiced cider. 


“Bubble Shell” may be perfect for you, especially if you like the color baby pink. Although it is not necessarily similar to baby pink, it has that natural warmth that almost all pinks have. Think of it as a natural blush that’s used for cosmetic applications. 


“Red Pepper” is not as fiery as it sounds. If a red pepper were more subdued, then this would be it. The color looks rich and creamy. This is a bold and bright color that you can add to a child’s playroom or add to a living room. 


If you are looking for the perfect green that exists outside in nature, then you need to look no further than “Secret Meadow.” Similarly, “Back to Nature” exemplifies the more calming side to nature. It looks as if you would find this color on the underside of a leaf. This would be a great color in the living room or bathroom. 


“Light Drizzle” really does look like rain in a fog. It is a very pleasant and calming color to add to any space. On the other hand, “Bluebird” resembles the color of the recognizable bird. “Dragonfly” is a blue-teal color with shades of grey. 


If you use “Dusty Lilac” in your home, then you are sure to experience a calming effect due to its soft color. Lilac and lavender tones will bring serenity to your home’s interior. “Creamy Mushroom” also has tones of purple layered beneath cool tan undertones. 

White & Grey

“Painter’s White” really does sound like what any painter would have in his paint can. This is a color that can be placed anywhere in the home. It can also be useful for trim or shutters. “Graphic Charcoal” is a lighter shade of black that is currently trending as well. 

Overall in 2020, the colors that will be at the forefront of interior design are the ones that are muted in tone. Nothing too vibrant will be making its entrance as softer colors are becoming more and more common. 

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Implementing one or more of these paint palettes can help produce a modern and unique look in your home. However, it is important to first weigh your own preferences and needs, as well as your budget. Our home remodeling contractors at Monarch Home Design & Remodeling have provided paint suggestions with great interior design to residents throughout Northern Virginia for over 20 years. Residents trust our head designer, Gina Simpson, to help them create an efficient and functional home design that aligns to their exact needs. Our team of dedicated craftsmen enjoy designing homes of all shapes and sizes and being transparent with our clients to ensure their complete satisfaction with their custom remodeling project.