5 Trending Basement Remodeling Ideas

Homeowners have recently begun to utilize the potential space within their basements, remodeling them to fit both their functional needs and recreational preferences. Some add more storage space or extra room to entertain guests, while others create their own personal areas for work or play. However, while most homeowners may have numerous ideas for their remodeling project, most do not have the experience and working knowledge required to complete it. 

Yet, with the help of Gina Simpson and her highly experienced team at Monarch Design and Remodeling, you can get both an expertly-crafted home design and an equally well-built basement remodel. Throughout Northern Virginia, we have provided our services to residents and commercial businesses, including interior decorating, mudroom design, as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling. To help you get started, here are some ideas for your basement remodeling project:

The Walkout

Among the most popular of recent contemporary home designs, the walkout basement presents a stylish solution to a specific circumstance among many homes: standing on a sloped surface or a hillside. The key trait of this design is that while the front and sides of the house are submerged underground, the rear isn’t, allowing for seamless access between the backyard and the basement. 

Elements of this layout can include glass doors and large windows on the side facing the backyard, allowing natural light to pour in. For houses with totally submerged basements, there is also the possibility of renovating it into a walkout as well, but with much greater labor and cost.  

The Open Concept

Another contemporary style choice that many homeowners are choosing for renovations throughout their home is the open layout concept, which involves minimizing the number of walls that separate the floors of your home into individual rooms. This allows for you to move easily through different areas of your home. While this may not be ideal for you and your family’s bedrooms, the basement is an ideal location to experiment with an open floor plan. Imagine a kitchen area that easily transitions into a home entertainment section or basement dining area, allowing for you to cook and bring snacks during family movie night, or entertain guests during a dinner party. An open concept basement is a highly versatile design element and is open to being utilized in conjunction with almost any other elements as well. 

The Extra Bedroom

Adding an additional bedroom in the basement is a widely-done renovation choice for numerous homeowners. It provides extra space and comfort in the case that you’re expecting house guests, but it can also act as a new room for a growing child seeking their own privacy, or as a space you can rent out to someone seeking a place to stay. Whatever the case many be, an extra bedroom in the basement can be a valuable addition to your home.   

The Home Gym & Spa

A gym in the basement is yet another popular renovation choice for homeowners, particularly ones seeking to balance an active lifestyle with a busy daily routine. Basements are already shaped as large, open indoor spaces, thus making for a perfect space for you to build your home gym. Additional components can also be included, such as a sauna or a steam shower, providing you with both relaxation and relief after a hard workout.

Monarch Design & Remodeling: Excellent Basement Remodeling in Northern Virginia

Implementing one or more of these design concepts can produce a basement that is both modern and unique. However, it is important to first weigh your own preferences and needs, as well as your budget. While a home basement remodeling may be tempting to do yourself, it could prove costly and likely not up to par with most remodels.However, our team at Monarch Design & Remodeling have provided efficient and well-constructed basement remodeling services to residents throughout Northern Virginia for over 20 years. Our head designer, Gina Simpson, has helped clients create excellently designed remodels of their home, and her team of dedicated craftsmen have constructed them to their exact specifications, ensuring their clients’ satisfaction. Contact us at (571) 249-5560 for a free quote on your next home remodeling project.