Six Spring Cleaning & Organization Tips

As the spring brings a more active and energetic mood out of us, it’s the perfect time to begin cleaning out the dust and clutter from the past winter. However, the amount that’s built up over time may seem like a daunting challenge to clear up and reorganize, especially with a home that isn’t specifically structured for organizational efficiency.

At Monarch Design & Remodeling, we help our clients improve their homes and other indoor environments through providing services such as custom bathroom designs and home remodeling. We strive to help our customers reshape the interior of their homes or businesses to obtain a more modern and well-arranged space. Here are some tips on how to perform an effective spring cleaning and reorganization of your indoor spaces:

Clear the Bathroom Clutter

Bathrooms are usually the smallest in terms of square footage compared to other rooms in the house, and also has smooth surfaces such as tile, porcelain, or marble, likely making it the easiest to clean. First, clear out everything that isn’t attached to any surfaces like soap dispensers, towels, bath mats, and shampoo bottles. Make sure you completely empty the areas around the sink, toilet, shower and tub, to prepare for a thorough cleaning.

Deep Clean Your Shower Head

Next, evaluate what surface areas you need to clean, and what you need to use to do so properly. For example, while it’s recommended you clean your shower head by placing a bag full of white vinegar over it, submerging the head overnight in order to clean out built-up bacteria. Once your bathroom is spotless, you will have a better idea of how to utilize it fully.  Was there too little space for your to move around in? Are there few drawers or cabinets available for storing various toiletries? These ideas can factor into you starting a custom bathroom design and remodeling project in the future.

Invest in House Mats

The mudroom, or entryway, is usually the first space that your family and guests will enter through your house, so it’s important to ensure that it’s neat, clean, and presentable. One way to reduce the abundance of outdoor dirt and grime from tracking itself inside is by placing mats at both sides of your front door. This way, an indoor mat offers a place for people to remove dirty or wet shoes before entering your house.

Keep Materials Off the Ground

Other ideas to help maintain an organized entryway is to place a row of hooks or a coat rack, as well as a shoe rack, near your door. This provides a place for wet coats and shoes to dry off, as well as an area for people to leave their things.

Increase Storage

Consider additions that you can make to your areas such as your mudroom, like a set of custom cabinets or closets that can act as personal storage for each member of your family or a place for guests to safely leave their things, making for a more orderly arrangement to your mudroom.

Kitchen Sweep

While it’s obvious that you should regularly clean the sink, stove, countertops, and floors, do not forget the nooks and crannies of the kitchen. Open up your refrigerator and remove every bottle, container, carton, and wrapped-up tinfoil of leftovers, because storing food in your fridge accrues all kinds of mold and rot over even a few months. Along with all your food and condiments, remove the detachable shelves and cabinets from inside the fridge and give them a good wash in your sink.  

Professional Custom Bathroom Design Services for Northern VA Homes

After all the spring cleaning you have completed, you might consider upgrading your home so it aligns with your current lifestyle needs. Monarch Design & Remodeling is dedicated to ensuring our customers have the best-looking interiors and fully-functional spaces possible by taking the time to listen to each and every concern. We pride ourselves on serving our clients with excellent design and remodeling services, such as custom bathroom design and much more.
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