5 Steps to Prepare Your Home for a Remodeling Project

Although home renovations are exciting, homeowners should expect a fair amount of disruption. Between relocating your belongings and living in a construction zone, remodeling presents noticeable discomforts. However, a smooth process begins with ample pre-construction preparation. By deep cleaning and decluttering, organizing your stored belongings, and consulting your home remodeling contractor, you can pave the way for a stress-free remodeling experience. 

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Here, we list 5 ways homeowners can prepare for a home renovation project:  

1. Talk to Your Contractor 

Throughout the prep phase of your remodel, it’s crucial to keep lines of communication open with your home renovation contractor. They can advise on the most efficient decluttering strategies, which belongings need storage based on project timelines, and the best dust control methods for your space. 

Furthermore, their expertise can help you navigate disruptive phases by pinpointing peak demolition or construction periods. If you’re renovating multiple rooms, you can also discuss which areas they’ll need full access to first. 

2. Declutter and Deep Clean 

Preparing for a remodel presents an excellent opportunity to purge belongings you no longer need. Pack away everything in the renovation zone, including belongings in cabinets and on countertops. As you handle these contents, think: keep, donate, sell, or toss. This avoids the prolonged process of putting things down and forgetting about them. 

As you clear your space, use this time to deep clean surfaces. Wipe down baseboards, shelves, and cabinets in work areas. Doing so gives your renovation company a clean slate and reduces the risk of dust clinging to dirty surfaces. Plus, when is your space going to be this clear and easy to clean?

3. Log and Store Your Belongings 

Although it’s easy to haphazardly relocate your things before your home improvement company arrives, take a strategic approach to storing your belongings. Make a list differentiating between daily essentials, occasional needs, and non-essentials that can be stored for longer durations. Categorizing your belongings in this way ensures important items aren’t lost in the shuffle. 

4. Choose Whether to Stay or Go

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The decision to stay put or find temporary housing while your remodeling company works hinges on your tolerance for disruption and the scale of your project. Small-scale renovations with contained debris and noise might be manageable if you can carve out a quiet space in your house. However, major demolition or construction projects may pose a challenging coexistence. 

Consider your needs—if peace and quiet are paramount or dust allergies are a concern, temporary relocation might be the wiser option. 

5. Communicate with Neighbors 

As a courtesy to your community, let your neighbors know about the upcoming project, including the expected time frame and noise levels. Especially if your project requires large commercial dumpsters or heavy machinery, alerting your neighbors in advance allows them to make arrangements in advance. 

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