5 Design Ideas for the Space Under Your Stairs

The space under the stairs is often the most overlooked area of a house, most likely used for storing miscellaneous items and trinkets that occupants don’t have the heart to throw away. However, you can make it more than the place where you shove those old coats and umbrellas. The space underneath your stairs has real potential, and hiring a basement remodeling contractor can transform that dusty storage area into something special for your home. 

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Below, we discuss ideas for repurposing the space under your stairs: 

Create a Wine Cellar

You don’t necessarily need a conventional “cellar” to install a wine cellar in your home. If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, turn that small space beneath your stairs into a wonderful display to show off your cabernet collection. There are several ways to create the perfect wine cellar for your home, and Monarch Design knows how to get creative with the space available.

Fit in a Loveseat

Though it may be tempting to shove all the knick-knacks you can into your home’s corners and small spaces, you can put those areas to better use. Rather than cramming bins and boxes beneath your staircase, why not opt for a small loveseat instead? The extra seating might offer a snug spot to relax, and having more places to sit gives you a better opportunity to host more people.

Add a Bookcase

Bookworms tend to run out of space for all their books. Yet adding a bookcase under your stairs gives you not only an additional storage area but also a cozy corner. Pair the bookcase with a small, cushioned bench or chair to create a small reading nook. 

Hide Your Washer and Dryer

If you don’t have a designated spot for your washer and dryer or dislike how yours are situated, consider moving them under your stairs. These bulky appliances can take up a lot of space, so placing them in an unused area allows quick access and an aesthetically pleasing home. With some rewiring, the space below your stairs could turn into a modest laundry room.

Set up a Home Office

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With the era of work-from-home now upon us, designating a quiet space can be a lifesaver. A small home office under your stairs offers a productive atmosphere where you can comfortably work without interruption. We recommend wood finishes and plants to solidify a work space suited for you.

Professional Basement Remodeling Services in Falls Church, VA! 

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