Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

While many of us don’t have the luxury of having a spacious bathroom, we can use diverse strategies to make a “small” bathroom appear roomy. Installing a large mirror, letting in natural light, upgrading storage, and more methods help a space feel larger without increasing its dimensions. Turn to a professional small bathroom design service that can ensure you have a functional, beautiful bathroom. 

Monarch Design & Remodeling proudly serves Arlington, VA, residents with comprehensive home design services. If you aren’t sure a bathroom remodel is worthwhile, consult with our experts. We can work with your budget to develop a bathroom design plan and process that results in your complete satisfaction. Call Monarch Design & Remodeling at (703) 789-3288 and discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas.

Below, we provide a few updated tips on how you can streamline your bathroom remodel:

1. Install a Large Mirror

Many new homeowners inherit outdated bathrooms and want to flip their designs. For instance, old bathrooms may come with small or awkward mirrors. However, upgrading to a larger, frameless one not only updates the space but also creates an illusion of depth.

Moreover, a large mirror installation can increase the amount of reflected light in a small bathroom, enhancing its comfort and aesthetic. While a DIY bathroom remodeling project may cost less upfront, it can sacrifice quality, safety, and accuracy. Rather than install a mirror yourself, call our bathroom remodeling team to handle it for you.

2. Increase Natural Lighting

Improving bathroom comfort includes selecting the right color temperature. This term refers to the color that light—natural and artificial—produces. Designers control color temperature by

swapping light bulbs, adding a skylight, or installing a new window. An appropriate bathroom color temperature will allow you to prepare for your day with ease.

If your current bathroom has worn blinds or curtains, consider replacing or repairing them. Moreover, to improve privacy, install frosted glass windows. Cleaning windows and clearing debris off skylights can also increase the light in a room. Monarch’s experienced remodelers can assist you with specific light fixture recommendations.

3. Choose a Light Color Palette

Dark colors tend to absorb light and make a room feel small. So, we recommend incorporating light colors to increase the sense of depth and brightness in your bathroom. Warm colors— red, orange, or yellow—alongside wood and stone will establish a nature theme. Blue, green, or purple color palettes work well for tranquil themes, such as marine life.

Our team specializes in selecting the best materials for bathroom remodels of all sizes. For bathroom paint, we only use products that withstand high humidity, reduce damp stains and mold, and dry quickly.

4. Upgrade Your Storage

Bathroom storage organizes all your grooming essentials in one area. While vanity cabinets offer significant out-of-sight storage, they also can consume vital space in small bathrooms.

Swap out vanity cabinets for a pedestal sink to free floor space. You can replace the lost countertop space by installing shelving or medicine cabinets. When replacing vanity cabinets, you may also need to update the flooring since removing the cabinet may expose old flooring.

5. Use Decorations Sparingly

It’s easy for a bathroom to feel cluttered, especially if you tend to collect items. Keep decorations—wall art, counter decor, and bathmats—to a minimum. Be mindful of how much you hang on your walls, place on your counters, and set on the floors.

Try to limit yourself to one of each piece and consider its function. You might cycle through your favorite items on a seasonal basis, especially if your decorations clash, or ask our interior decorating team for tips! With this approach, your bathroom will update as the seasons change.

6. Swap Out the Bathtub for a Shower

Switching your bathtub for a shower can increase your overall space and functionality. The latter has a reputation for requiring little maintenance, particularly compared to bathtubs.

To optimize your shower’s water usage, ask your contractor to install a low-flow shower head. You’ll save water, reduce your energy bill, and gain peace of mind knowing you’re reducing your carbon footprint.

Small Bathroom Design in Arlington VA

Small Bathroom Design Services Available in Arlington, VA

While we’ve discussed small bathroom designs before, we remain committed to keeping customers current on such trends. If you don’t have prior bathroom remodeling experience, you may spend hours researching design ideas only to overspend on low-quality materials. Monarch Design & Remodeling places clients in the forefront to ensure each step of their small bathroom design service aligns with their stylistic and budgetary needs. Contact us at (703) 789-3288 to schedule your bathroom remodeling consultation today!