Turn Underused Spaces into Functional Rooms

Before deciding you must move or carry out extensive home renovations, take stock of the unused spaces in your house: the attic, basement, garage, and even the porch. Picture these spaces finished and operating at their full potential. What would they look like? What functions would they offer? If you’re interested in the possibilities, employ expert home remodeling contractors to make your dream space a reality!

Monarch Design & Remodeling offers such services to homeowners in the Falls Church, VA, area. Our project process involves evaluating your space’s condition and then creating a comprehensive, personalized design. Moreover, we manage construction and follow-up to ensure you’re more than satisfied with your new space. For a free project quote, call us at (703) 789-3288.

Below, we discuss how you can transform your home’s underused spaces into functional rooms:

The Attic

Attics are the most commonly unused space in homes. But no matter your attic’s size and condition, the Monarch team can transform it into a functional space with some imagination and manual labor. Your attic can become a home office, master suite, guest bedroom, kid’s bedroom, or simple sitting room.

Applying light paint colors can help make slanted, encroaching ceilings feel tall. Adding skylights and porthole windows can brighten and enlarge the room. Moreover, built-ins and other storage spaces can help make the most of tight spaces.

The Basement

Basements, especially unfinished ones, present vast potential. They tend to be larger than attics, thus providing greater opportunity to become a new living space. Treat an unfinished basement like a blank canvas, upon which you can create one or more functional spaces. If your basement is finished already, consider how you might repurpose that space.

Many homes have a finished basement with unfinished storage space. You might purge the latter and convert it into a new, functional room. A large basement can serve as a family gathering space, a new home theater for movie nights, or a mancave for sports games.

The Garage

Despite their intended use, garages often become hoarding spaces for everything but cars—sports equipment, outdoor gear, gardening supplies, and other items. Yet if you clear out the clutter and can keep your vehicles outside, your garage offers ample unused space within your home.

Your garage may require more work to finish than a basement. Nevertheless, Monarch can help you build an insulated subfloor, wire for electronics, and add air conditioning. Best of all, it’s on the ground floor and thus more easily accessible than a basement.

The Porch

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When they want more functional rooms, many homeowners overlook their porch. Yes, it’s outdoors and thus subject to the weather, though it offers just as much potential with enough space and a temperate climate.

Your porch can become an ideal outdoor living or dining room with some outdoor seating, cushions, a table, and a rug. Imagine relaxing with a book, enjoying a cup of coffee, or hosting a happy hour with friends. You can further embrace indoor-outdoor living by hanging pictures on the walls or mounting a TV.

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The pro home remodeling contractors at Monarch are prepared to transform your Falls Church, VA, home. We design and remodel kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more. Moreover, we’ll create beautiful yet functional spaces that reflect your unique taste and lifestyle. We ensure our clients are happy by involving them in each aspect of the project. For client-centered design and remodeling, contact us at (703) 789-3288.