Design Tricks That Make a Small Bathroom Appear Larger

Making a thing or space appear as you wish is the essence of design. To make your small bathroom seem larger, for instance, use continuous finishes, lighten/brighten the space, minimize visual obstructions, and clear its floor space. But no matter what you change, hire a professional designer or remodeler to guide your small bathroom design

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Below, we outline the strategies we use to make small bathrooms appear and feel larger:

Employ Continuous Finishes

First, select a finish to carry throughout your bathroom from floor to ceiling. Doing so will help create a sense of “flow” throughout the space rather than several distinct pieces. You can also have your walls and ceilings painted the same color for additional continuity.

If you prefer tile on your walls, find one that leaves as few lines as possible to create the illusion of more space. Then, position floor tiles horizontally to create a sweeping motion across the space. You could incorporate another material in your vanity or sink, as they take up little space.

Lighten & Brighten

Next, let in as much natural light as possible. For outdoor-facing bathrooms, consider adding light-controlled or opaque windows. Bathrooms that lack access to outdoor light can utilize additional ambient lighting around the vanity and mirrors. 

Since large mirrors reflect available light, consider placing one across from the window or primary light source to amplify brightness. Furthermore, the shade of continuous material can help brighten the bathroom. Choose white or another light color to illuminate the space.

Minimize Visual Obstructions

A simple trick for elongating your bathroom’s parameters is to keep its longest wall free from obstructions. An open wall allows individuals’ eyes to down its length, making the room feel expansive.

For full bathrooms, choose a curbless shower design with an open flow. You might have glass dividers installed rather than a solid one for extra light diffusion.

Conceal storage areas by having flushed storage built into the walls, or opt for continuous flow with recessed shelving. Keep exposed shelving minimal for displaying small luxury products instead.

Clear Floor Space

Highly modern, sleek white/black bathroom design.

A recent bathroom design trend that helps create a spacious feeling is to keep floor space clear of large standing features. A clear floor space opens the room for easy movement, making it seem like “less is more.” 

Pedestal sinks are key for minimizing occupied floor space. They are sleek, low-profile, and can even be a focal point in the bathroom. If you want to preserve counter space and storage, you might instead choose a small, floating vanity

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