How to Make the Best Use of Your Basement Space

Homeowners looking to add value to their properties could reap many benefits from a professional basement remodeling. Such a project optimizes livable space, organizes your floor plan, and augments lighting to make the best use of your basement. Moreover, an experienced basement design service can transform your basement into a functional and desirable room.

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Consider the following basement design ideas to make the best use of your space:

1. Optimize Livable Space

Whether your basement is a large and open space or a confined and narrow one, you should aim to optimize your livable space. To do so, identify your specific needs and strategically designate how to use each square foot.

Determine whether your basement will serve your family best as a low- or high-traffic area. Most homeowners designate their basements as high-volume spaces and use them as media gaming rooms, fitness rooms, and children’s playrooms.

Homeowners who plan to use their basement for entertaining guests may consider adding a wet bar, kitchenette, and wine cellar. If you want to incorporate a guest room in your basement, give it access to a full bathroom.

2. Divide & Conquer Your Floor Plan

Open floor plans are ideal in basements as they allow for light filtration and flow. We suggest using an open wall divider to divide the space while maintaining continuity throughout. Moreover, these dividers provide an interesting and functional design feature: you can choose an art-piece wall divider or one with built-in shelving. 

Alternatively, you can add a double-sided fireplace for a cozy focal point shared between two rooms in your basement. Plus, consider storage. If your basement lacks closet space, you may find built-in storage a worthy solution. Incorporate storage into your walls or media console to store blankets, games, and other entertainment accessories.

3. Augment Lighting

In conjunction with an open floor plan, add multiple sources of light to make your basement bright and inviting. Consider adding a tray ceiling with LED lighting for an ambient halo effect. On the other hand, wall sconces can add extra light with an interesting design flare.

Also, you should embrace any opportunity for allowing natural light into your basement. Adept basement designers can help you determine whether your floor plan is conducive to a window well, which offers an energy-efficient means for expelling dark corners.

Glass staircase balustrades can be incorporated to let natural light in from the main level. Finally, consider translucent wall panels for additional lighting.

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