Wine Cellar Features to Maximize Your Space

Given a perfect space for storage and display, wine enthusiasts can treasure their wine cellar nearly as much as their wine. Indeed, a well-designed wine cellar helps maximize your space by creating more room for what you love—bottles of wine. Incorporating the latest features–such as gondola shelves, curved corner racks, storage tasting tables, diamond bins, and grid racks–can help you achieve this goal. So, turn to professional home remodeling contractors to design and install optimal solutions for your space. 


Monarch Design & Remodeling is passionate about transforming spaces into functional designs that suit homeowners’ lifestyles. Oakton, VA, residents can trust Monarch with their interior remodeling needs. If you want to add a wine cellar–or remodel your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or mudroom–our team is prepared to see your project from conception to completion. We value your involvement in every aspect of the design process to ensure your satisfaction.


Below, we suggest five wine cellar features to maximize your space:

1. Gondola Shelves

Commonly found in grocery stores, gondola shelves offer efficient storage and display capacity. They make storage spaces accessible, so they serve the purpose of wine cellars well. Gondola shelves are made from metal, aluminum, wood, and/or wood, so you can select the materials that fit your style. 


We suggest you choose gondola shelves that display wine bottles horizontally–or at a deep angle–for optimal storage. Doing so gives corked wine longevity, as the wine moistens the cork.

2. Curved Corner Racks

Although less common than our other options, curved corner racks maximize tight spaces and offer a unique design appeal. Manufacturers usually custom-make them to fit spaces.

Moreover, most are made from wood due to the material’s capacity for various shapes. This wine rack style will effectively display your wine while adding an eye-leading line to your cellar. 

3. Storage Tasting Tables

Add a table to your wine cellar as a tasting space and additional storage. Wine tasting tables can offer a great deal of storage space below the table-top with a shelving component. Moreover, they allow wine bottles to remain the focal point of a wine cellar’s visual appeal.

4. Diamond Bins

Diamond bins are a classic wine cellar element that maintain a modern design aesthetic. Their clean lines and crisp angles make them a geometric display for wine bottles.

Not only are they attractive, but they also allow you to categorize your wine as you choose. Furthermore, diamond bins create the horizontal storage position optimal for corked wine.

5. Individual Grid Racks

Individual grid racks may be the safest wine storage solution, as they comprise individual spaces for each bottle to rest in. Itemize your bottles by row while separating them from one another for secure keeping.

Like diamond bins, grid racks offer a minimalistic design that is highly coveted in the home design realm. Grid racks are usually made of wood or iron to compliment our other favorite wine cellar features. 

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