8 Design Shake-Ups for Homeowners

Whether you have returned to work or are still working from home, feeling comfortable in your own space helps provide a nice reset at the end of each day. Home comfort is essential to our health, and there are many ways to improve it through a variety of home design updates. With the assistance of a professional home remodeling contractor, you will be able to achieve amazing levels of comfort in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, basement and more.

At Monarch Design & Remodeling, we believe your home remodeling project should reflect your taste and lifestyle. Our founder and chief designer, Gina Simpson, has ~20 years of comprehensive experience in kitchen, bath, and home design and construction in the Vienna, VA area. Just read our customer reviews and see if we’re a good fit for your next project!

Below, we discuss the many home remodeling shake-ups you can consider for your next project:

1. Luxurious Soaking Tub
If you enjoy relaxing in your bathroom after a busy day, then installing a soaking tub may be the perfect design shake-up. Spark more joy in your life with the things that bring you comfort like soaking in a tub, as it provides a list of health benefits such as stress relief.

If you’re worried about it not matching your current bathroom design, allow our team to provide you with a few aesthetic suggestions that fit your needs best.

2. Radiant Floor Heating
Many homeowners may see heated flooring as a decadent luxury, but it has been around for decades and is even a popular 2021 bathroom trend! If you’re tired of feeling the cold morning sting from your tile floors, radiant heated flooring may be just for you. It will help you feel warm even when the ambient air is cooler.

3. Adding More Windows
Increasing the natural lighting in your home by installing additional windows not only increases your home value and comfort. New windows tend to give homes a dramatic and refreshing appearance. Adding windows also improves your home’s energy efficiency, sealing up air leaks and reducing monthly heating and cooling costs immediately.

More exposure from natural lighting comes with its many health benefits too, such as allowing our bodies to produce more vitamin D, and improving our focus and sleeping habits.

4. Open Shelving
This popular modern home design feature is perfect for those wanting to increase their storage options in their kitchen, bathroom, and living room. It also makes a room seem more open and brighter. Rather than cluttering up your storage areas, you can now showcase your dishware and decor.

5. Basement Wine Cellar
Having a personal wine cellar located in the comfort of your own basement is the modern sommelier’s dream. If you enjoy wine and are passionate about collecting it, why not put it on display to celebrate it?

Designing your personal wine cellar is also a great way to keep your wine collection organized and allows you to easily share what you enjoy with others. View our recent wine cellar project for ideas!

6. Home Health & Fitness Room
Incorporating a room that’s dedicated to your health and fitness means it will be customized to your specific needs. If there is any particular exercise equipment you don’t use at the gym, then it’s not necessary in your home gym.

Consider adding more natural light by installing a window to boost your motivation and focus during your home workouts.

7. Entertainment Center
A home entertainment center can consist of a home theater, gaming area, kitchen and bar, or whatever else suits your tastes! When you renovate your basement space to your lifestyle preferences, you have a plethora of ideas to bring to fruition.

From selecting a trendy wall paint color to choosing the best audio and visual system, allow our team to help you create an entertainment space you can enjoy all the time.

8. Mudroom
Transitional spaces like mudrooms are great for busybodies and those who are always on-the-go. This area can help increase your storage for items you need to collect before you leave your home. Our team can help you create one that’s functional and aesthetically-pleasing for your indoor and outdoor needs.

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