Kitchen Designing: Steel vs. Wood

Steel and wood—they exist at opposite ends of the design spectrum but frequently appear as kitchen design features. Each has its pros and cons; steel, for instance, fits with the industrial design style but clashes with some sensibilities. Wood, meanwhile, offers a rustic appeal and comes in many varieties yet gets expensive and shows wear. But no matter what materials you decide to use, invest in professional kitchen renovation services to install them.

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Below, we dive into the advantages and shortcomings of both steel and wood as kitchen design materials:



Steel can endure a lot of use and abuse. Due to its chemical makeup, stainless steel will retain its characteristic shine as long as you keep it clean. This property makes it particularly popular among chefs, who must avoid both rust and corrosion.

This quality also makes steel an ideal choice for high-traffic surfaces exposed to many substances—in other words, a kitchen. If you cook in your kitchen daily, stainless steel will suit its countertops better than wood. Plus, its alignment with industrial design would make your kitchen remodel on-trend.


As mentioned before, some homeowners simply dislike the look of stainless steel. Indeed, it can appear too utilitarian (as with the rest of industrial design) to many. It also tends to draw attention—if you have guests who don’t like steel, they may struggle to look past it.

Furthermore, steel can make a room seem cold and clinical. While this is ideal for a restaurant kitchen, it isn’t for a home.



Wood offers a distinct design avenue from steel. Instead of an industrial atmosphere, wood creates a bucolic one with deep, rich colors and a traditional feel. A perennial design feature, wood comes in a range of types and can fulfill several design functions.

Compared with steel, wood’s character feels much warmer. Species like oak and walnut make for an elegant, sophisticated look that nothing else can recreate. Moreover, sustainable wood has become a recent design trend. Consider these options in designing your kitchen remodel.


Of course, wood is less resistant to damage than steel. Hardwoods–including oaks, maples, and walnuts–stand up to usage best, but years of daily service take their toll. Plus, exotic woods–acacia, balsa, and coconut–come at very high prices.

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