Remodeling Projects That Add The Most Value To Your Home

Many simple home fixes and adjustments–like installing a steel front door or replacing your bathroom’s fixtures–can increase its market value. However, the greatest increases in value are usually from the biggest projects, which often require expert assistance. For your Oakton, VA, home project, turn to the professional home remodeling contractors at Monarch Design & Remodeling.

For over a decade, Monarch has worked with clients across Oakton, VA, and Northern Virginia. Along with our experienced and trained team, we also provide the skills and creative sense of our founder and chief designer Gina Simpson. Altogether, our expert remodeling services ensure you receive a home transformation that fits all your needs and preferences.

Top 3 Remodeling Projects That Increase Your Home’s Value


As one of the central spaces in a home, it’s no surprise that a quality kitchen remodeling increases its value. A kitchen is one of the first spaces that a realtor will show off to prospective buyers. Its impression on them makes a huge difference in the value of your home.

Moreover, there are different degrees to which a kitchen remodeling can optimally increase the value of your home. Even a minor kitchen remodel will provide a larger return on investment than a full-scale remodel, which means you’ll get more value out of the latter than the former at a lower cost.

Of course, either way, the cost of your home will increase.


Another high-value remodel is a finished basement, which provides additional square footage to your home (assuming that it wasn’t completed when you had first moved in).

A custom basement remodel can be incredibly versatile, as completing it means you have an open area to shape in any way you would like.

You can construct an additional kitchen and dining area for extra entertainment space, or add extra bedrooms for family and house guests. Whichever choice you make, in addition to stylish interior decoration, will greatly increase the value of your home.


Another vital space in every home is the bathroom, and thus remodeling yours will also provide your home with a hefty increase in value. While most homebuyers will likely seek the essentials, we believe that the bathroom is truly a place to make an impression.

We recommend remodeling yours to include stylish designs and fixtures with advanced features. These changes are relatively low in cost compared to the return on investment you’ll receive.

Hiring a bathroom remodeling team from Monarch Design & Remodeling can ensure you maximize the value your remodel adds to your home.

Monarch Design & Remodeling: Home Remodeling Contractors in Oakton, VA

These remodeling projects will raise the value of your home tremendously, which means they are worthwhile investments to make. However, they should also be constructed well and with the best materials available, which is why you should consider calling on the assistance of custom home remodeling contractors like Monarch Design & Remodeling.

Our team has decades’ worth of experience in designing, planning, and managing every stage of the most extensive remodeling projects. Working with us ensures that you receive a hassle-free remodel, the enjoyment of picking out every element of your design, and the assurance that your home will have a higher value than ever before. Contact us at (703) 789-3288 to learn more about our home remodeling services today!