6 Modern Wine Cellar Design Tips

Some folks see wine-collecting as a pastime that takes place in antiquated wine cellars. However, the modern sommelier can prove them wrong with a contemporary wine cellar design. Modern style elements – including minimalist aesthetics, statement pieces, and effective lighting – create sleek, remarkable spaces for passionate collectors.

Pull your wine collection from dim corners and reach out to Monarch Design & Remodeling to share your dream cellar design. Our team – led by chief designer Gina Simpson – has worked in and around Vienna, VA, for over 15 years. We like to establish relationships with individual clients and create a project that suits their ideas and budget. Our kitchen, bathroom, basement, and interior remodeling options operate on your input – contact us and learn more today.

Below, we outline several tips to create a modern look and feel in your wine cellar:

How to Create A Modern Wine Cellar

  1. Aim for a minimalist aesthetic
    A prominent trend over the past several decades, the minimalist design embraces the idea “less is more.” Its influence appears in stripped-down company logos such as Google’s. And in your wine cellar, minimalism can manifest as a sleek and bold look.

    First, you should invest in a few high-end materials. Whether you prefer wood, stone, or industrial elements, focus on 3-4 substances in your space. This helps to achieve the “stripped-down” look that characterizes minimalism.

    Further principles stem from this one: keep the color palette minimal, use concealed lighting, and favor clean lines and shapes. Finally, use your wine bottles as a major design element (just keep them sparkling clean and uncluttered). You might even complement them with simple, classic glassware located nearby.

  2. Employ perennially popular materials
    In the interior design world, glass, steel, and marble never go out of style. Indeed, one of 2021’s popular design trends is industrial styling, which features stonework and metal. How could you incorporate these elements into your space?

    Glass doors often come with steel parts, and so both can be used for the cellar’s entryway. Such doors also contribute to the minimalist aesthetic. Then, you can integrate marble countertops and/or stainless-steel fixtures within the space.

  3. Invest in a rack system that places bottles horizontally
    In making your bottles a key design element, choose a rack system that organizes them horizontally. Wine bottles should be stored horizontally – it keeps their corks moist. Plus, showing caps and corks adds further clean lines to your interior design.

  4. Mix in statement pieces
    A great benefit of minimalist design: it provides space and opportunity for statement piece furniture or fixtures. The limited space in wine cellars entails that you hold yourself to one or two such pieces. Nevertheless, a traditional chandelier or a great art piece can provide the extra oomph that completes your cellar.

  5. Include casual seating
    With enough room, a seating area can add a casual atmosphere to your cellar. We suggest that you place seating adjacent to – rather than in – the cellar. Nevertheless, it can complement your design and create more value.

    Nevertheless, avoid wine-themed furniture and accessories and stick with simple and elegant pieces. A chair or couch could add an accent color to the subdued palette of the cellar. Still, choose modestly-sized furniture and keep accessories to a minimum.

  6. Install effective lighting
    What lighting works best for minimalist spaces? We mentioned above that concealed lighting adds to the aesthetic, but we suggest backlighting on shelves in particular. Ground effects add a unique element as well – LED lighting, for instance, may influence the mood of the space.

Wine Cellar Design Services Available Now in Vienna, VA

Despite the beliefs of laypeople, wine-collecting and wine cellars remain vital and stylish. Your space should reflect that, so reach out to Monarch Design & Remodeling for a contemporary wine cellar design. Our team has worked throughout Vienna, VA, for more than 20 years now. We customize spaces and styles according to each client’s wishes, placing you at the heart of our process. To learn more, call us at (703) 789-3288 or fill out our online form for a free project quote.