Avoid These Interior Design Mistakes

The trends of interior design are always changing, which is why it’s always so interesting, and at times frustrating, to follow. However, there are certain foundational elements of interior design that can be followed that will always result in a balanced space that has a unique style. You can also enlist the assistance of quality home remodeling designers to further develop or transform your home’s interior designs.

Monarch Design & Remodeling has helped reshape the homes of hundreds of residents throughout the Arlington and Northern Virginia area. Our head designer, Gina Simpson, is also a Class A contractor and has worked for many years in the business of interior decoration and remodeling design alongside our team of experienced and skilled contractors.

Here are a few interior design mistakes we believe you should know about before starting your own interior remodeling project:

Mismeasuring The Room

Among the most common mistakes homeowners make in putting together their interior designs is underestimating the size and volume of their room, only to purchase furniture that isn’t proportionate to the space they’re in.

The best way to avoid this is to always check the dimensions of your room and the furniture you’re thinking of purchasing. Never rely solely on your eye to measure the space. Getting the most accurate measurements possible will ensure you put together the best, most balanced interior design from the furniture and decor you put within it. Going the extra mile will allow you to achieve incredible results.

Poor Lighting Decisions

Another design blunder we often see among homeowners are poor use of lighting and placement of it. Most people only consider one or two sources of lighting in a single space. Usually, homeowners split between the natural light coming through their windows and a lamp in the corner or an overhead light on the ceiling.

Instead, we recommend that you include multiple light sources in your interior to create a range of different atmospheres within them. Consider which areas of the room remain darkest during the day, as well as during the evening, even when you have your current lighting arrangement switched on.

Layering your main lighting, your task lighting, and your ambient lighting together will help emphasize your interior design in different ways, making your room ever-changing and dynamic with the flick of a switch.

Hang Ups On The Wall

Just as homeowners may mismeasure the size of a room and the furniture, they also tend to misplace their wall decorations. Whether it be framed photos, mirrors, or paintings, many tend to hang them up in the wrong place on the wall. This is usually because they don’t take into account (or the opposite, take too seriously) the height of the furniture, the spacing and size of the decoration, and the height of the wall. A rule of thumb here is to keep your paintings and other wall hangings “on the line”, or around eye level.

Consider hanging your decoration up at the eye level of a person’s average height. Additionally, if you are hanging it above a piece of furniture, make sure the decoration rests above the center of it, or symmetrically balanced to its position with other pieces of artwork. This ensures your wall decorations contribute to your home’s interior design, instead of hindering it.

Monarch Design & Remodeling: Home Remodeling Contractors in Arlington, VA

These are just some of the interior design mistakes one can make in their homes. Overall, all it takes is careful planning and consideration when putting together your own interior design. However, with a team of expert home remodeling contractors, you can get all the help you need to transform your interior to align with your lifestyle needs and preferences. Monarch Design & Remodeling has satisfied customers throughout Arlington, VA, with our high-quality design and renovation services for well over a decade, along with our customer-centric approach and open, friendly customer service. Contact us today at (703) 789-3288 and learn more about how our home remodeling experts can help you.