Home Office Remodeling Essentials

Home Office Remodeling Essentials

As more and more of us gain the capacity to telecommute, we will likely work from home more often. This means that we will see the return of a once-essential but lately-neglected space: the office/personal study. While most homes have enough space for a single desk-and-chair setup, their owners should consider remodeling to create workspaces that are appropriate for semi-daily telecommuting.

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Below, we discuss some aspects to consider for your home office, including its location in your home, features to include, and custom elements that you can get with some extra help:          

Where Your Home Office Should Be

Your office’s placement is as important as the features in it. Its location sets up the environment within which you will complete your work. Therefore, it should be a quiet place, away from noisy areas of your home with a door.

Your attic or basement may work since they are often far from indoor activity. You might also fit an office in your bedroom, though we discourage this. It may not fit all of the features you want in your workspace.

The right location for your home office depends on your home. However, if you make your home office a remodeling project, you open up many more possibilities. 

Essential Features in a Home Office

As with the other rooms in homes, a home office is characterized by several key features that make it a productive and organized place. Here, we list the features that every home office should have:

  • A Desk: Every office needs a desk. Specifically, you need a spacious one with room for your belongings. Without ample space, your desk will quickly become cluttered and disorganized. 
  • A Comfortable Office Chair: The next essential office feature is your chair – unless you prefer to use a standing desk. Your chair should provide plenty of ergonomic support for your back, neck, and the rest of your body.
  • A PC or Laptop: A computer is essential to working remotely, as is a strong internet connection. Certain jobs may require specialized software such as video editing or graphic design. However, most workers only need a home office PC or laptop with decent processing power and plenty of memory.   
  • Storage Spaces: You’ll need storage to keep your office an organized and productive space. Shelves and drawers can help with this, though we will discuss other options for your office’s storage below.
  • Effective Lighting: Your office should have an array of options for lighting so that you get the right amount of light when you need it. It can focus and brighten up the room or reduce eye strain and create a relaxed atmosphere during long hours.

Possible Custom Features for Your Home Office

While the essentials can get you started, even better home offices can be built rather than set up. With a team of home remodeling contractors, you can renovate a space within your home as a custom home office. Below, we list some features that have helped us to create ideal home offices for past clients:

  • Bookcase Walls: A feature of the classic personal study, full-wall bookcases help turn any space into an office fit for a professional.
  • Filing Cabinets: Custom-built filing cabinets ensure your home office remains attractive and functional, as they can fit seamlessly within your office remodeling’s design.
  • Custom-Made Desk: While many desks sold in retail stores may suit your needs, a custom-made desk provides an array of options. You can choose its material, shape, size, and advanced features like a built-in power supply and charging station.
  • Windows/Skylights: Windows are a hallmark, if not a necessity, of home offices. Remodeling allows you to install windows in your home office space so that you get some natural light during your workday.
  • Recessed and Accent Lighting: Since your remote job may have you working day or night, you’ll want your home office to cover both scenarios. It can include a comprehensive lighting arrangement: bright recessed lights that brighten every corner of your room as well as dim, relaxed lighting for when you need a laid back atmosphere.   

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Whether you work remotely or not, a home office can be an excellent space to have in your home. At Monarch Design & Remodeling, our expert designers and dependable home remodeling contractors can create your custom home office, personalized to your needs and preferences. We also provide basement, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling as well as interior design services. Our goal is to deliver quality renovation and design services that serve your vision of an ideal home. Contact us today at (703)-789-3288 for more information and get a free quote.