How to Make Your Basement the Ultimate Home Theater

In the age of COVID-19, a home theater is home comfort at its finest. Since many people aren’t comfortable with going out to public spaces due to the higher risk of coronavirus infection, residents have been looking for other home comfort projects to invest in.

At Monarch Design & Remodeling, our experienced basement remodeling contractors can create unique spaces to enhance your home lifestyle. We take into account your preferences, budget, and more to ensure you attain the home comfort you deserve during this challenging time. Home theaters are on the rise and before you jump to building one in your own home, here’s what you should know.

Consider Your Basement Size

Before you purchase all your home theater decor and equipment, keep in mind the size of your basement. In some cases, bigger is always better, but that doesn’t necessarily include smaller basement spaces.

For larger basements, you can probably fit in a huge flatscreen television. While for smaller basements, you might want to stick to smaller screens as it’ll help you maintain the quality of your viewing experience. You don’t want to strain you or your guests’ eyes watching a movie on a big screen in a small room.

Hide Your Wires

Most basements will have wires that are from other parts of the house. Hiding them will help your basement theater look neat and will keep your guests from getting distracted by them.

Consider requesting our basement remodeling contractors to hide these wires so that they aren’t stealing all the attention away from your home theater. Not to mention, it’s also quite dangerous to have exposed wires in space, such as basements, where leaks often occur.

Refresh the Ceiling and Walls

Basements are known for having very plain and bare ceilings and walls along with unsightly wires and pipes in view. As we’ve previously mentioned hiding the wires, giving your ceiling and walls a fresh coat of paint to enhance your visual experience will improve your home comfort all the more.

Our basement remodeling contractors can assist you with painting your ceiling and walls with solid colors, patterns, and accent walls for your convenience. Having a professional paint your basement space will allow it to feel more cozy and neat.

Upgrade Your Lighting

While you keep your painting ideas in mind, also take into account the type of lighting that would complement your basement space. The type of lighting you install may affect how your paint looks as well. And basements are often dim so consult with our basement contractors on what your best lighting options are.

Install New Flooring

Basement flooring often tends to be the standard concrete, which does offer decent acoustics, but for a home theater it would be a good idea to dampen the acoustics with carpets or rugs.

While you can install wooden flooring, it isn’t the best option due to most basements leaking or accumulating moisture on the floor. Consider avoiding this route if your basement is prone to leaks, as this would not mix with electronics.

However, you may be able to waterproof your flooring if it meets the right conditions. Our basement contractors would be happy to provide you with expert advice regarding this aspect.

Have Strong Wi-Fi Connection

Many people use streaming services, such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and much more. Whatever streaming service you watch on, make sure your Wi-Fi connection is strong enough to reach your basement.

Since most Wi-Fi signals don’t reach the basement, you might be able to invest in a signal booster to ensure that your Wi-Fi connection does reach your home theater.

Choose Professional Basement Remodeling Contractors in Oakton, VA

Now is the time to give your basement the attention it needs. Monarch’s basement remodeling contractors can see the potential in your own basement and work alongside your ideas to produce a space that aligns to your every need. Whether you need an office, theater, or recreation room in your basement, we are flexible to your budget and needs to ensure you achieve the home comfort you deserve.

Get started and receive a free quote on your home theater project today! For questions, contact us at (703) 789-3288 or schedule a virtual consultation!