How COVID-19 is Changing Interior Design

The pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our society, resulting in changes that indirectly affect other areas of our daily lives, including how we organize and arrange our home’s interiors. Adapting your home’s interior design can help ease any stresses as well as provide you with a space where you can relax or work more productively.

Monarch Design & Remodeling is a team of highly-experienced home remodeling contractors that have helped hundreds of clients throughout Northern Virginia by assisting in the design and transformation of their homes. Our services include basement finishing, bathroom and bedroom remodeling, interior design consulting, and more. Gina Simpson, our head designer, collaborates with clients to achieve a design that is precisely aligned with their ideal vision, as well as their budget.

Below, we discuss how interior design may have been affected by the ongoing pandemic:

Setting Up the Physical for the Virtual

The prevalent experience of being in lockdown is partly characterized by the numerous times we’ve all had to teleconference, whether it be for attending online classes or participating in an important business meeting.

A result of this will likely be a greater emphasis on creating presentable interiors specifically for when you enter virtual spaces.

In terms of interior design, this could involve considering whether a particular space has ideal acoustics, lighting, and comfortable seating for you to spend hours in while interacting online.

Socially-Distant Interiors

In addition to the higher frequency of virtual communication, another collective experience is the increased regularity of social distancing, which will undoubtedly change how home interior design is arranged.

Specifically, many homeowners will change decor arrangements to provide a certain amount of separation between themselves and others.

Mental Health in Design

As you spend more time indoors, you may notice the significant effect your interiors may have on influencing your mood, ability to focus, and comfort. Interior designs may end up changing to address these effects.

This would involve utilizing different elements of a design that can influence a person’s mental state including lighting, texture, materials, and sound. Interior designs may also become more fluid and adaptable, providing ways for inhabitants to transform different spaces in order to better suit and comfort their state of mind.

Making Your Home the Office

Another effect of the lockdown is that many workers must be able to work from home. While it is fortunate that numerous people have some capacity of working and collaborating with fellow employees online, it could be difficult for them to sustain the same level of productivity as they would at their workplace.

Thus, the interiors of many homes, apartments, and condos will be reshaped to accommodate the need for a fully-functioning workspace. This is good news for homeowners with plenty of space to work with, while somewhat difficult for those with limited free space in their homes.

Monarch Design & Remodeling: Home Remodeling Contractors in Northern VA

There is no doubt that staying indoors for so long will affect the way we think and the way our environment affects us. Renovating or updating your interior design may help alleviate and perhaps even solve certain issues or problems you may have from staying and working extensively in your home. Our team of master home remodeling contractors are able to build any design, which is produced collaboratively between the client and our head designer, Gina Simpson.

Currently, in order to continue serving our clients, we also strictly follow federal and local safety guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients and our employees. With well over 20 years of successful home remodeling in the Northern VA area, consider working with Monarch Design & Remodeling to craft your new interior design today.

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