Mudroom Design Ideas for 2020

Mudrooms are becoming the most popular interior design spaces among recent homeowners. They’re functional, stylish, and provide excellent opportunities to create interesting and unique designs in your home. At Monarch Design and Remodeling, have worked with numerous clients throughout the Northern VA area over the past decade, revitalizing their homes and making their vision a reality.

We enjoy helping our clients put together new and innovative spaces in their homes through our expert basement, bathroom, bedroom, and custom mud room design and remodeling services. Our practices have been honed through years of working with countless residents throughout Northern VA. We do this through detailed and collaborative planning, taking time to understand your thoughts, preferences, needs, and budget, then working together with you to form an ideal design. Finally, our experienced contractors come in and make the changes precisely how you envisioned.

Here are some amazing ideas we’ve learned about from recent mud room design trends:

Maintain a Flow

Always remember that a mudroom is a transitional space, an area of your home in which one enters or exits the house through. Keeping that essential concept in mind, the focus in almost every mudroom’s design should be removing obstacles in your path to the back or front door.

Provide easily-accessible storage and seating for when you need to quickly put away any outdoor only items or to slip on your shows.

Keep these elements off to the side, while the central space should be mainly for moving between the front/back door to the rest of your house.

Use Up the Space You’ve Got

Minimalism is good for several different rooms throughout your home, but when it comes to a mudroom, it is more efficient to consider going the opposite direction.

Maximize the space you’ve got by covering every bit of your mudroom’s wall or walls for cabinetry, wall hooks, seating, coat racks, and more.

Of course, making it appear clutterless is also where you inject the space with your own personal flair and style.

Keep it Simple

Although this may contrast with the previous section, the fact is that not every home is the same. Some just don’t have the kind of space that allows for one to maximize for their mudroom.

Instead, remember that a mudroom requires only a few basic elements, such as a place to hang your coats, hats, and umbrellas, and a seat to slip on your shoes.

By simply adding a small bench and a coat rack, you have enough to call that space a mudroom, which can be added to further with mirrors, small shelves, and picture frames to enhance its decor.

Create a Seamless Space

Install glass doors, large window frames, and skylights if possible. Your mudroom will visually appear as if there is hardly any separation between your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces.

The inclusion of more natural lighting will make your mudroom a warm, but energetic place to be at the beginning of the day, and a dim, but comfortable entrance upon returning.

This is also just one of the most unique ways overall to design your mudroom’s interior.

Monarch Design & Remodeling: Quality Mud Room Design in Northern VA

Mudrooms are one of those spaces where they are almost entirely what you make of them. You can open them up more, blend them with other spaces, or simply add a bench with a set of wall hooks next to your front door. However, for more extensive and elaborate designs, consider hiring a team of professionals in interior design and remodeling like ours at Monarch. We’ve helped perform countless remodeling projects, including premium mud room design and builds, basement completions, bathroom renovations, and more. Our head designer Gina Simpson, along with our team of highly-trained contractors, have the skill and experience to help you put together your vision into a cohesive design and make it into a fresh new aspect of your home.

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