Benefits of a Winter Remodel

Remodeling your home requires quite a bit of thought, as you must consider the budget, project timeframe, the design, and much more, all before discussing anything with a potential contractor. One thing that you should consider, in terms of the schedule, is the season you would like to have your remodel performed. More often than not, homeowners consider the spring and summer as the best times of the year to hire their contractors, giving little thought to the fall or winter.

However, at Monarch Design & Remodeling, we make ourselves available to clients throughout the year. Our expert craftsmen offer efficient and reliable construction services, such as basement renovations, kitchen updates, and bathroom remodeling. We also provide excellent interior design consultations. Paired together, our experience in construction and design have made us the most accomplished home remodeling contractors in Northern VA. Here are some of the benefits of hiring your contractor during the winter season that you should know about:

Better Availability

As described before, scheduling your contractor for a project during the winter means you are working against the normal conventions of their regular clientele. Most homeowners forgo scheduling any contractors during the winter season because they do not think it is the best time of year to renovate or make additions to their home, likely due to the weather. However, if you are hiring a contractor during the winter, your chances of finding one available for your project are higher, as it is respectfully the slower part of the year for their business.

Higher-Quality Work

Moreover, availability isn’t the only advantage you receive from hiring your contractors during the winter. Fewer jobs at the time means a greater level of focus that your project will receive. Without the extra pressure of completing one clients’ job as soon as possible to begin working on the next, your contractors will be extremely attentive to detail, ensuring that every aspect of your remodeling project is up-to-spec, as well as your expectations.

Lower Costs For Materials and Labor

The time of year also lends a significant difference in cost. Generally speaking, the increased demand contractors receive during the spring season will likely lead them to increase their rates, as their time is limited during the busy season and thus requires adequate compensation for providing that time and skill to their clients. In contrast, during the more relaxed season, service rates are more negotiable and are often much cheaper than later in the year.

Additionally, the price of several important materials, such as appliances and lumber, receive special sales prices during the winter, as suppliers desire to offload their current inventory for next year’s. Therefore, hiring a contractor in the winter time is largely cheaper and better for your remodeling project.

Monarch Design & Remodeling: Quality Home Remodeling Contractors in Northern VA

When thinking of getting work done on your home, the winter season isn’t the first to come to mind, but you’ll be sure to benefit from remodeling during this time of year. The only thing you should take the time to do is finding an experienced and reliable contractor.  Monarch Design & Remodeling includes well over 20 years-worth of home renovation and interior design experience. Our success comes from our open, personalized processes that ensures your preferences, budget, and needs are all met upon completion, making us the premier home remodeling contractors throughout the Northern Virginia area. Whether it be in your kitchen, bath, or your entire house, our designer, Gina Simpson, along with our master craftsmen, will help you transform your house into the dream home you deserve. Contact us at (571)249-5560 for more information about our services and receive a free quote.