Modern Bathroom Design Tips

The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces within our homes, as well as among the most essential in adding to its value. Many homeowners find it satisfying to remodel their bathrooms in order to make their daily routines more pleasant by performing them in a space that reflects the careful attention they give to their personal needs, as well as to add to the overall value of their house. 

In order to refit your bathrooms to your exact design specifications, consider hiring professionals in performing high quality bathroom renovations, such as Monarch Design & Remodeling of Northern Virginia. For over 20 years, head designer Gina Simpson, along with her team of experienced contractors, have helped clients design and perform numerous home remodeling projects. With our help, you can create your ideal renovation, whether it be for your bathroom, basement, kitchen, or other home interior projects.

Hide the Toilet

We don’t mean that you should literally hide the toilet. Instead, most designers will tell you that the ideal choice in remodeling your bathroom is to ensure that the toilet is the last component that you or house guests would notice upon first entering your bathroom. This ensures that the bathroom appears more aesthetically pleasing and that it looks more like a spa than an ordinary restroom. 

Mind the Lighting

This is another important aspect, as lighting creates the atmosphere of your bathroom. A designer can help you learn the best placement and configuration for each type of light, such as the task, accent, ambient, and decorative lighting. It could make the difference between making it a comfortable or unpleasant space. 

Consider the Various Dimensions

The most important factors to consider in your potential renovation are the numerous dimensions of your bathroom, in order to get a precise idea of how much space you have to use within your bathroom, and how much each central component should take up. Below, are some of the essential elements you should especially pay attention to:

  • Sink
  • Tub
  • Vanity
  • Open Floor Space

Think about the width, height, and length of these aspects of your bathroom, particularly in how they would fit your ideal design vision. Do you want plenty of floor space and two sinks to share with your significant other? Or how about a large tub to relax in on your days off? Each of these possible design choices consequently affects the amount of space available for other important attributes in your bathroom. All in all, in order to get the most out of your bathroom remodel, you should prepare for it by taking precise measurements of your bathroom’s current fixtures and estimate the ideal dimensions of their replacements. 

Schedule an Expert Bathroom Renovation from Monarch Design & Remodeling in Northern Virginia

There are numerous other ideas to keep in mind when you are considering a home remodeling project, so be diligent and do as much research as you can. However, in order to maximize the success of your project, and ensure that it’s results best align with your vision of it, you should work with experienced home renovation experts and designers. At Monarch Design & Remodeling, we offer Northern Virginia residents our abilities as seasoned contractors and diligent home design specialists for a variety of projects, including exquisite bathroom renovations, kitchen remodeling, and many more. 

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