How to Increase Your Home Value This Summer

How to Increase Your Home Value This Summer

This summer, most homeowners may be thinking about the different ways they can improve their home. While there are plenty of additions and enhancements that you can make personally, the home improvements that also provide an increased value to your home requires a greater degree of design and construction experience, as well as plenty of labor to go along with it.

However, as the most reputable home modeling contractors throughout Northern Virginia, Monarch Design & Remodeling aims to provide affordable and long-lasting additions with expertly-crafted designs. We’ve spent over 20 years satisfying our customers through our quick and easy home transformations. Below, we list some home improvements that will definitely add value to your home:

Kitchen Remodel

One of the most significant investments homeowners can make is to perform a kitchen remodel. As one of the most integral spaces in any home, updating and modernizing your kitchen will attract aspiring home buyers in the future. Meaning, that your home will look incredible and be more valuable at the same time. These projects are best to do during the summer, since most days will involve you and your loved ones spending time outdoors.

Bathroom Update

Another way to help enhance the value of your home is by updating one or several of the bathrooms in your home. Any potential buyer that sees a bathroom with worn out features, such as long-untreated tiles and rusty fixtures, may be less compelled to purchase your home. However, having newer appliances and fixtures will appear far more appealing, often with the added benefit of being more energy-efficient than older models.

Basement Completion

One of the strongest changes that you can implement in your home is finishing an incomplete basement, as it will greatly add value to your home for a variety of reasons. Firstly, because it will increase the available living space within your home, which is essentially what your home’s value is based on. This will also allow for the possibility of adding several new features to your home, such as another bathroom, kitchen, or living room, as well as extra guest rooms, intrinsically providing you with greater value in your home.

Monarch Design & Remodeling: Experienced Home Remodeling Contractors in Northern Virginia

These are just a few of the ways you can add to your home’s overall value, along with any home improvement you may thinking of. While you may be able to do quite a bit of it yourself, in terms of remodeling or renovating, more intricate and pervasive improvement projects require a team with specialized knowledge and years of experience. 

At Monarch Design & Remodeling, our expert home remodeling contractors have helped residents across Northern Virginia create their ideal home, providing the ease and satisfaction of seeing it all come together, without the strain of planning every detail and putting together each component.

For an affordable remodel or addition to your home, contact us at (703) 789-3288 for a free quote.