Allergy Season is Coming! Reduce Allergies with These Home Remodeling Tips

Allergy Season is Coming! Reduce Allergies with These Home Remodeling Tips

Spring is often advised as a good time to remodel your home since it allows you to open your windows during a time of year that is neither too hot or too cold. However, spring is followed by the increase of pollen and other allergens in the air, which can create additional complications during your home remodeling process as it involves creating a great amount of dust, debris, and chemical fumes. All of this can result in serious irritation or worse due to an allergic reaction.

That’s why it is important to find professional home remodeling contractors that are considerate of your comfort and safety in your home. At Monarch Design & Remodeling, our highly-trained specialists practice remodeling methods that ensure contaminants and noxious odors are kept at a minimal level in an effort to keep our work from impacting your daily life. Here are four tips for performing an allergy-sensitive home remodel:

“Quarantine” Your Renovation

Treat the area that you are renovating like it is a quarantine zone. Tape the edges of each door near the renovation area to help insulate the inside of the other rooms. Cover up all entryways of the renovation area itself with plastic sheeting or tarp, so that it insulates the rest of your home from any airborne contaminants.

Ventilate Indoor Air

Proper ventilation and filtration is an additional method of preventing dust and other contaminants from leaking out of your renovation area. In fact, the EPA suggests that all home remodeling projects include exhaust ventilation, which can involve a simple box fan that will circulate air out of your house from a window within the renovation area.

Wear Protective Attire

Dress to prevent an allergic reaction by wearing either a disposable safety mask or, if you feel that you require a higher degree of protection, a HEPA mask at an additional cost. Wearing a mask will minimize the negative impact of airborne contaminants from a home renovation. However, when you work together with a professional home remodeling company like Monarch Design & Remodeling, they manage every aspect of your project and prevent you from being exposed to any harmful toxins.    

Get an Allergy-Free Floor

Your floor takes up a large amount of your living space. If it is made of the right material, then it can become an advantage in preventing allergy symptoms. Wall-to-wall carpeting absorbs all kinds of allergens and other contaminants. This will definitely lead to complications with your allergies, so it may be best to get home remodeling contractors to install hardwood, tile, laminate, linoleum, or vinyl floors. Then, simply sweeping and cleaning these surfaces regularly will avoid the build-up of dust, pollen, and other allergens in your home, thus avoiding any allergic reactions.

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