Top 3 Interior Designs to Consider for Your Home

Interior design includes a collection of styles for furnishing homes and other living spaces. Choosing from these numerous styles and reproducing it in your own home can be a challenging task, especially if you are working on your own. To guarantee that your redesign looks just as you envisioned, work with an interior design expert, like Monarch Design & Remodeling.

As one of the premier home remodeling contractors in Vienna, Virginia, we are skilled at redecorating and renovating homes to match each of our customers’ ideal style concept. We have also built close relationships with our colleagues who provide us with a vast array of materials, so you will be sure to receive the best materials for your own home design. To make the interior design process simple for you, here are some of our favorite styles for your consideration:


The idea of making your home look akin to a factory or warehouse may not seem ‘attractive’ at first. However, the industrial style has become more and more popular over the years due to its understated, unfinished elegance. It’s all about appreciating the raw materials that make up your living space and complementing them with furnishings that express the same worn-in, utilitarian design. An emphasis on creating expansive spaces to highlight design elements such as exposed pipes and air ducts, as well as the contrasts of wood, metal, and brick surfaces, allows your home’s interior to transform into a truly vibrant and unique space.    


The common saying, “less is more”, best describes this interior style. Inspired by Japanese design, minimalism focuses on simplifying our interior living spaces until both form and function are in balance. This is reflected in the amount of clear space and the sparseness of furniture and décor, as well as the simple color palette, which mainly consists of black, white, and other primary colors. If you enjoy the idea of shaping your home to be simple, uncluttered, and refined, then a minimalist interior may be your favored design choice.


Following from minimalism, but also aiming to exude warmth and coziness, Scandinavian interiors combine simplicity and comfort in its style. This style’s minimalist influence includes the focus on empty space, neutral colors and functional furnishings, but then switches things up by encouraging the addition of textured blankets over sofas, warm rugs over hardwood floors with surges of color coming from various parts of your decor. Reflecting on the Nordic culture’s appreciation for light and warmth, the “Scandi” style uses large glass windows to ensure that as much natural light as possible can enter your living space. If you still aren’t sure which interior design is right for your home, contact Monarch Design & Remodeling to discuss what your favorite aspects of each style are and we will be able to create your dream design!

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While each style has its own specific elements, don’t be afraid to consider how you would like to add or combine them as you plan on remodeling your home’s interior design. For experienced home remodeling contractors, work together with Monarch Design & Remodeling in Vienna. We can assist you in creating an attractive and modern home design that will bring together your living space in perfect harmony. From planning the interior design to obtaining the best materials, our team will provide a home design that will be sure to surpass your expectations.
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