When Should You Start Your Home Remodeling Project?

When Should You Start Your Home Remodeling Project?

There are many factors that go into starting a home remodeling project, such as inspections, obtaining supplies, hiring a contractor, time frame of the project, and much more. Finding a time to establish these objectives is vital because it can determine how the entirety of the project plays out. Home remodeling may seem like a long and difficult process, but doesn’t have to be with the right custom home remodeling company in Northern VA. Monarch Design & Remodeling in Oakton offers many remodeling services to work with you through any remodeling challenge, so you can create your dream custom home.

Here are some things to consider before starting a home remodeling project!

1. Type of Project

There are many types of home remodeling projects to choose from and the one you choose to work on can help determine the best time to do so. Remodeling contractors have busy periods so be careful in choosing what project to complete. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathrooms, basement or mudroom, or all of the above Monarch Design & Remodeling can take care of the project for you.

2. Scheduling the Home Remodel

Designers and contractors have busy seasons just like any other industry. Spring and early summer are typically the busiest times for these contractors, so consider starting your project earlier to get ahead of the rush and save money. Another option to consider would be start during the off-season when contractors are more likely looking for work! One thing to keep in mind  is the extra time you may need to go through system inspections. So try and have available times planned ahead of schedule.

3. Project Lead Times

Any home inspections or custom-made resources should be given time to complete. Do the inspections as soon as you can before continuing. Also, give yourself a few weeks to obtain the right supplies such custom cabinets and resources as they might be delivered from far locations. This way you can have everything you need available for your home remodeling project before moving forward.

4. Supply Availability

Supply and demand constant changes, meaning prices for different building materials vary depending on the demand and the time of year. You don’t always have to remodel exactly when those materials are at their best price, but you may be able to purchase some of them in advance when they are at their cheapest, so the final cost of your remodeling project can be on the cheaper side.

5. Your Personal Schedule

Day-to-day activities and family time will most likely be disrupted with a home remodeling project, depending on what is required of the project. To combat this, carefully schedule some away time. If the kids are going be away at summer camp or the family is traveling for a holiday or vacation, it may be best to hire a custom home remodeling company around those dates.

6. Holidays and Special Events

Within the home renovation industry, prices tend to soar for scheduling contractors during the holidays. If you are on a budget, maybe avoid scheduling remodels around these timeframes as best as possible. However, if the holiday season works better for you, then hiring a professional custom home remodeling company will allow you to prioritize other tasks that are just as important in your life during this time. Experienced remodeling contractors will be able to handle the design and build on your entire home, which will allow you to stress less and have peace of mind!  

Oakton Custom Home Remodeling Contractors

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