Three Recommendations For Redesigning Your Small Bathroom

Something as simple as updating the design of your small bathroom can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your home. If your bathroom space is outdated compared to the rest of your home, it can throw off your home’s aesthetic and can even deter potential buyers if you are attempting to sell it. If you are unsure of where to start, make your bathroom remodeling project fun and simple with a professional remodeling company in the Northern Virginia area.

At Monarch Design & Remodeling, we provide various bathroom remodeling services in Vienna, VA. These services range from facelift remodeling by making minor cosmetic changes, pull-and-replace remodeling consisting of replacing and updating all bathroom fixtures, as well as full-scale design and remodeling. If you are interested in revamping your bathroom space, below are three specific recommendations we have when redesigning your small bathroom.

Make the Most Out of Your Space

With smaller half baths and powder rooms, the most important factor is available space. If your current bathroom set-up feels cramped, try installing a pedestal sink or floating basin to eliminate floor cabinet clutter. If floor space is limited, then also consider utilizing vertical space by integrating open shelves to provide slender storage platforms. Even installing a medicine cabinet to raise amenities up to a proper eye-level is a great way to free up bathroom space.

A Trick of the Eye

Make your small bathroom space appear larger rather than smaller. You can do this by simply arranging the tile vertically or you can even use a different color palette altogether. Changing smaller aspects of your bathroom such as the tiles can alter your perception of its dimensions, which will result in it appearing much bigger. Other ways to add depth to a small bathroom is by putting up a full-wall vanity mirror as well as glass enclosures for the shower. Each of which will provide the illusion of more available bathroom space.

Swap Out the Bathtub

If you don’t normally use your bathtub, then try swapping it out for a walk-in shower instead. A neo-angle shower is a space-friendly design that can optimize your bathroom square footage and will help you maintain functionality. This will even increase your floor space by making your bathroom appear spacious with the addition of a sleek and modern look.

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Remodeling your small bathroom is a challenging task to pursue on your own. Working with a team of certified bathroom remodeling professionals, like Monarch Design & Remodeling, will guarantee efficient design and remodeling services to make your bathroom design ideas a reality. Whether you are interested in minor cosmetic changes, replacing fixtures, or a full-scale bathroom remodel and design, Monarch Design & Remodeling in Vienna, VA can get the job done. We believe each aspect of a bathroom remodeling project should reflect our clients’ tastes and lifestyle. From emphasizing a traditional or contemporary appearance in your small bathroom, our remodeling professionals can provide remodeling services personalized precisely to your needs. Speak with a bathroom design and remodeling professional. Contact us at (571) 249-5560 today!