Refacing and Refinishing Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Spruce up your kitchen space this fall season by refacing, refinishing, or replacing your current kitchen cabinets. When deciding on either of the three for your kitchen cabinets, it is important to consider the architectural style of your kitchen and your budget. Depending on you and your family’s needs, working with a qualified kitchen remodeler will help make your kitchen remodeling decisions less stressful and exciting.


Whether you are looking to reface, refinish, or replace your kitchen cabinets, Monarch Design & Remodeling in Vienna, VA is eager to work with you and your imagination to create the kitchen of your dreams. With industry-qualified professionals, we will provide kitchen remodeling services in Northern Virginia. We respect you and your family’s needs and understand that the remodeling process can be daunting, but teaming up with our kitchen remodeling specialists will make that process simple and fun.

Keep Your Cabinets & Refinish Instead

If your kitchen cabinets are still in good condition and their function suits your needs, then maybe updating it with a refinishing job is your best option. While it doesn’t involve disposing of your current cabinets, its overall cost will surely benefit you. The refinishing process can consist of painting, staining, veneering, or even laminating. Refinishing your kitchen cabinets with a kitchen remodeling professional at Monarch Design & Remodeling will bring a fresh and new appearance to your kitchen.

Refacing Cabinets

When you reface or resurface your kitchen cabinets, it means you will be replacing the cabinet doors and not the entire cabinet box. Refacing kitchen cabinets mostly includes a new cabinet door and hardware such as doorknobs and hinges. Doing so will improve your kitchen cabinets durability and functionality. Monarch Design & Remodeling experts have many years of experience and will provide the best kitchen materials possible to improve the quality of your kitchen.

Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets

Maybe you are unsatisfied with the durability and functionality of your current kitchen cabinets. When you decide to update your old cabinets with new ones, this means you will be replacing the kitchen cabinet box, frame, door, and hardware. You can receive guidance from a kitchen remodeling company, like Monarch Design & Remodeling, to help you choose the best cabinets that will better keep and suit you and your family’s lifestyle needs.

Reface & Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets with a Monarch Design & Remodeling Professional in Vienna, VA!

Looking to keep the kitchen look without having to turn your Northern Virginia home upside down by undergoing a full kitchen remodel? Monarch Design & Remodeling serves cities all throughout the Northern Virginia area. From Vienna, Oakton, Falls Church, Fairfax, and more, our kitchen design and remodeling specialists provide stress-free and quality interior design and renovation services for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and mudrooms. As a qualified design and remodeling company in Vienna, VA, we will make sure your kitchen remodeling project is a relaxing walk in the park that satiates your kitchen needs.


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